7 Reasons Why I'm Looking Forward to Spring Break (At Home. All Week. With My Kids.)

Next week my kids are on Spring Break. I have been secretly looking forward to it for a while now, which came as a surprise to my husband last night when we were talking about it.

He was sure that I’d be dreading having the kids home for a week with nothing to do. I can see his point, and it’s certainly something that I’ve heard many times from friends when we’ve discussed breaks from school. However, instead of dreading the week ahead, I’ve managed to focus on all of the positive aspects of being home while having a week off of school.

I am sure that there will be challenges. And yes, I’d love to be heading to some tropical locale to play in the warm ocean and drink fruity cocktails with miniature umbrellas in them, but, I’m not. I might as well make the best of my situation.

So, I present to you the 7 reasons why I’m looking forward to Spring Break, at home. All week. With my kids. You can check them out below.

Then tell me, what are your Spring Break plans? Are you looking forward to it, or dreading it?

  • Sleeping In! 1 of 7
    Sleeping In!
    No more waking up because we have to. The alarm will be turned to OFF and each kid will be able to sleep in as long as they want. And better yet, so will I!
  • No Lunches to Pack 2 of 7
    No Lunches to Pack
    One of my most hated morning activities is making lunches. My 7 year old will only eat Salami sandwiches, and something about the smell of salami in the morning doesn't sit well with me. I get a week long break from it!
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  • No Morning Clothing Battles 3 of 7
    No Morning Clothing Battles
    If you want to stay in jammies all day, fine! Stay in jammies! You don't have to get dressed and get out the door this week and I don't have to yell at you to get dressed and get out the door!
  • Flip Flop Feet 4 of 7
    Flip Flop Feet
    An entire week of not having to abide by the "closed toe shoes only" rule! No shoe tying, here I come! Flip Flops ahoy!
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  • No Homework Battles 5 of 7
    No Homework Battles
    Granted, 1st Grade homework is easy and only takes about 15 minutes one day a week. BUT, that 15 minutes? Sucks. I am going to revel in its absence next week.
  • Bath Time at Leisure 6 of 7
    Bath Time at Leisure
    No more required nightly baths. What good is a lazy spring break if you have to bathe (your kids) every night?
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  • Enjoying Our Surroundings 7 of 7
    Enjoying Our Surroundings
    We might not be taking a trip to some fabulous destination, but we can, and will, take some time to enjoy our local surroundings. The beach, the zoo, the local botanic garden...the options are practically endless.
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