7 Reasons Why Kids and Winter Don’t (or Shouldn’t) Mix

7 Reasons Why Kids and Winter Don't (or Shouldn't) MixI will say this right out so there’s no confusion at all:

I am not a winter person. I hate being cold. I hate the dirty, wet snow and I look forward to the season ending as quickly as possible.

I have never been a fan of this season, not even as a kid. Living where I do, it’s a fact of life for a few months out of the year and I dread it every year.

I was hoping that once I had kids, the love for winter would finally hit me. If kids aren’t like me (which there seems to be a lot), they love playing in the snow. They get excited to build forts and snowmen and have snowball fights. My kids have been showing more and more love for this season the older the get. When summer starts, the kids ask when the snow will finally come. When it is finally dreadfully here, the kids want to play in it all.the.time.

Like I said, I was hoping I would love it more if I had kids who were into it, but what I have realized instead is winter and kids just don’t (or really shouldn’t) mix, here’s why:

  • Daylight Savings Time 1 of 7
    Daylight Savings Time
    It takes forever for the sun to come up in the morning. With that means it takes forever for my kids to get ready for the school day. They refuse to get up before the sun.
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  • They Cost Money in Missing Mittens 2 of 7
    They Cost Money in Missing Mittens
    Every year I swear I buy each one of my kids 3 pairs of mittens. I am not sure what it is about kids and gloves, but they can never keep it together.
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  • They Track Snow Everywhere 3 of 7
    They Track Snow Everywhere
    No matter how many times I ask them to take their boots off at the front door, I always step in a puddle of melted snow in the kitchen, in the dining room and the living room too.
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  • They’re Bored When It’s Too Cold to Go Out 4 of 7
    They're Bored When It's Too Cold to Go Out
    There are times where it's just too cold to go outside and those days, my kids are just so bored. Entertaining crazy kids indoors when they want to be outdoors running wild is hard.
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  • It Takes Them FOREVER to Get Ready 5 of 7
    It Takes Them FOREVER to Get Ready
    The weather-appropriate clothes, the snow pants, coat, boots, hat, mitten scarves... it takes forever for them to get ready each morning for school we have to wake up 20 minutes earlier.
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  • They Play Outside for Like 10 Minutes 6 of 7
    They Play Outside for Like 10 Minutes
    After finally getting ready and that taking long enough, they only play outside for 10 minutes... because guess what, it's cold.
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  • They’re Always Getting Sick 7 of 7
    They're Always Getting Sick
    Winter means flu and snot and why-didn't-I-invest-in-Kleenex-brand blues. The kids always seem to be sick and it lasts the entire season.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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