7 Rules To Follow When Raising an Introverted Child

I have always been more on the shy side, preferring to listen to the happenings of life and taking it all in quietly. Growing up, I was very close to my family and always had only one or two very close friends — many acquaintances, but only a few very close friends. My whole family is really introverted, and I think oftentimes introverts are misunderstood — especially if you are an extrovert.

Princess Raru would be what I describe as an introvert and I would definitely describe myself that way as well. I think Mister Speed and Princess Bean tend to take after their Dad more, who is strangely a mix of introvert and extrovert. As far as Raru and I, we are quiet, keep to ourselves, ‘in our heads’ a lot and can become really embarrassed quite easily. In an extrovert-world, there are some things parents should keep in mind if one of your children happens to have some traits of an introvert.

Click through for the 7 rules you should abide by if you’re raising an introverted child:

  • Respect Their Need For Privacy 1 of 7
    Respect Their Need For Privacy
    There may be times your child just wants to have their own space. Allow them that and don't force over-interaction.
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  • Don’t Demand Instant Answers 2 of 7
    Don't Demand Instant Answers
    If you are trying to get a story straight from your child or want to know why they did something, give them some time. We're not trying to come up with a lie to cover something up, oftentimes we do best when we think in our heads before we speak.
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  • Never Embarrass Them In Public 3 of 7
    Never Embarrass Them In Public
    Introverts do not like unwanted attention, even if that comes from you. We can become embarrassed very quickly and then get embarrassed by getting embarrassed.
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  • Don’t Push Them To Make Friends 4 of 7
    Don't Push Them To Make Friends
    Introverts typically prefer to have one or two close friends outside of family. It's not because we are anti-social or hard to get along with, it's just hard for us to open up to many people.
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  • Let Them Observe First 5 of 7
    Let Them Observe First
    If you are going out somewhere new, like a play centre or a play-date, allow your child to sit back and observe first. Don't force them to jump right in right away. Introverts like routine and when out of it, we like to make sure we figure out what's going on first.
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  • Reprimand Them Privately 6 of 7
    Reprimand Them Privately
    If your child has done something they shouldn't have, speak to them in private. Giving them consequences (or yelling!) in front of other people brings them unwanted attention that will feel way harder on them then you may think. We get humiliated easily when we make a mistake. (note: we are usually perfectionists too)
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  • Don’t Try To Make Them An Extrovert 7 of 7
    Don't Try To Make Them An Extrovert
    Introverts are awesome. We are not snobby, anti-social or hard people. We are just as we are and quiet is not always a bad thing.
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:: Is your child an introvert or extrovert? ::

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