7 Scary Things About Going Into Junior High, According to a Tween

junior high 1It’s Boy Wonder again and I have important news to tell you. I’m almost done with sixth grade!

It’s great to be a sixth grader, we get to do all these really cool things because we’re going into junior high next year. I was feeling excited about sixth grade graduation, but lately people are making me nervous. Every person who finds out I’m starting junior high next year says the exact same thing: “I HATED JUNIOR HIGH!” Is it really that bad? Maybe I’ll like it. Maybe I won’t. I honestly don’t know what to think because I don’t know anything about it.

Here are 7 things I’m worried about going into junior high:

1. Having more than one teacher

You could get all mean teachers. I’m used to having one teacher who I know is mean or nice. When you only have one teacher, you know how to get on their good side or stay off their bad side, but with a bunch of teachers, how do you do that?

2. New kids

It’s kind of scary having kids from other schools come to one school because some of them might be bullies. I don’t want to have to, like, deal with them. I’m used to knowing most of the kids at my school, and having to figure out who all these new people are and whether they’re nice or not kind of sucks.

3. New campus

The campus might be very big, and on your first day, it’s easy to get lost in the hallway … if there’s a hallway. What if I can’t find my classes? What if I go into the wrong room? Or I’m late?

4. Lockers

I don’t know if my junior high has lockers, but if they do, I’m worried about being thrown inside one because I’m small. And do I get to pick my combination? What if I can’t get my locker open? What if it won’t stay locked? If there aren’t any lockers, do I have to really carry all my books? My friend says that junior highers don’t use roller backpacks. Is that true? All those books are way too heavy to carry.

5. Changing for P.E.

Right now, we just wear our regular clothes for P.E. We don’t have to change and there’s no locker room. I’m worried about people looking at my underwear. I’m not going to look at anybody else’s, so they shouldn’t be looking at mine.

6. School dances

I don’t know about school dances. Am I supposed to ask somebody? What if somebody asks me and I don’t like them like that? Do I have to dance? That’s something I’m not good at. I like music though.

7. My new schedule

I’m going to have to start school a whole hour earlier than I start now. That’s going to be really painful because I’m growing a lot and need a bunch of sleep.

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