7 Things I Try Not to Say In Front of My Kids

7 Things I Try Not to Say In Front of My KidsDon’t swear in front of your kids.

Don’t say, ‘good job‘ or praise them too much.

There are a lot of parenting rules and “don’ts” out there that I don’t really abide by or believe in. I swear and my kids have at least a handful of times too. They understand they’re not to swear at someone, but sometimes — like when you smash your finger — that “s-word” or even the “f-word” are just so fitting.

I don’t believe that positive reinforcement will ruin our children and make them lazy and try to give them feedback daily. I love the smile they give when they hear that I am proud.

I do have my own guidelines over what I will and won’t say in front of or to my kids. I am not perfect so there are times where I won’t listen to my own rules, but generally — these are more important than the not swearing or no praising rules.

Click through to read 7 things I try not to say in front of my kids & why you shouldn’t either:

  • Shut-Up 1 of 7
    I admit, there are times when I have said this and always feel horrible after. It's such a nasty phrase and no one likes to be told to shut up -- adult or kid. There are much calmer and nicer ways to ask them to be quiet.
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  • I Feel Fat 2 of 7
    I Feel Fat
    There are days where I certainly feel it and may express it to myself or my husband, but I will never say this in front of my kids. I am very aware of my own self-esteem and self-confidence and am not going to be a negative influence on my children's.
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  • You’re So Pretty 3 of 7
    You're So Pretty
    More important for my daughters and I do slip from time to time, but I want them to know they're more than just pretty. I don't want to build their confidence on their appearance. It's often told to her by strangers while out and other people so I don't want to contribute.
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  • Anything Bad About Their Dad 4 of 7
    Anything Bad About Their Dad
    It's not their job to be a sounding board for my marriage and I don't want them feeling put in the middle for anything.
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  • Why Can’t You Be More Like… 5 of 7
    Why Can't You Be More Like...
    While it may seem harmless or you may think your child will forget, but this statement can be so harmful. I do my best to never compare my children to each other and keep in mind their different ages, personalities and abilities.
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  • Just Wait Until Your Dad Gets Home 6 of 7
    Just Wait Until Your Dad Gets Home
    Two reasons why I don't say this to my kids: 1) It implies that I can't take care of the situation, whatever it is on my own and 2) I don't want them fearing their dad. This threat-type of "discipline" is not effective.
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  • I Feel Ugly Today 7 of 7
    I Feel Ugly Today
    I don't have the world's best self-esteem and I am working on that -- there are days I feel ugly, but much like the fat comment -- I don't bad-mouth myself in front of my kids. It's not healthy for any of us.
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