7 Things NOT To Say To The Parent Who Has It All Together

Have you ever logged on to Facebook to read, again, a fellow parent’s status update that is another way-too-happy-to-be-real commentary? Or when you go to pick your kids up from school and the glamorous, always-put-together Mom greets her children with her perfectly pearly white smile? They drive you crazy, right?

As ridiculous as we stressed-out parents may think their constant ‘perfection’ and ‘have their sh*t together-ness’ is, turns out — stress-free parents do actually exist. Some work hard at it –to achieve that balance in life that many think is impossible. They know themselves, their limits and stay within them and that is why they always have their stuff together.

We shouldn’t be so judgy about it because there is a lot that can be learned from those super-rare parents, and just as there are phrases we should never say to a stressed-out parent, there are some things we should try not to say to those parents who have their sh*t together.

Click through to read 7 phrases you should never say to a parent who seems to have it all in order:

  • “Just Wait Until …” 1 of 8
    "Just Wait Until ..."
    .. "your kids are older".
    .. "summer break".
    Assuming someone is only doing awesome because of their specific 'easier' situation is mean.
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  • “Well, You Only Have __ Kids” 2 of 8
    "Well, You Only Have __ Kids"
    I bet it is true that life gets trickier to manage the more children you have, but that's not something you 'throw' in someone's face.
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  • “I Wish I Had Your Free Time” 3 of 8
    "I Wish I Had Your Free Time"
    Free time? What? Pretty much no parent has any real free time.
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  • “It’s Probably Because Your A …” 4 of 8
    "It's Probably Because Your A ..."
    .. "working mom"
    .. "stay at home mom"
    Why do we always assume the 'other side' has things so much easier?
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  • “How Many Nights Do You Order In?” 5 of 8
    "How Many Nights Do You Order In?"
    "How much does your Nanny cost?"
    There are some parents who are able to do it all and work hard to keep everything in balance.
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  • “Come On … Give Me the REAL Dirt” 6 of 8
    "Come On ... Give Me the REAL Dirt"
    We all have this idea that if someone only shares good things, that there must be some serious dirt in their house. Not everyone has a secret.
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  • “Must Be So Nice To Have Your Family To Help” 7 of 8
    "Must Be So Nice To Have Your Family To Help"
    Yep, it sure is. Saying this in a certain tone may come off as sounding very rude. It takes a village, people!
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  • What You SHOULD Say: 8 of 8
    What You SHOULD Say:
    "What is your secret?" -- Learn from them!
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:: What phrase do you hate the most? ::

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