7 Ways My Life Would Be Different If I Had The Energy Level My Kids Have

Do you ever look at your kids when they are running around crazy or still awake two plus hours past their bedtime and wonder where the &#@! their energy comes from? I was staring at my kids today when I took them out to the park after being driven crazy from their non use of their not-yet-developed “inside voice” and sat there and watched.

There they were — all three of them — running in circles, screaming and having fun. They were up way past their bedtime last night (thank you March Break) and decided to get up entirely too early this morning, yet there they were — full of energy. I have no idea where that comes from — but I do know I wish I had it. I remember when I was younger being just as active as they are. I don’t remember when that went away or how to find it again — or if that’s even possible.

What I do know is that if I was somehow able to get a hold of their energy — heck, even just a portion of it — my life would be so different. I imagine all the things I could accomplish, the things that would no longer be an issue for me and one way it could backfire on me.

Click through for 7 ways my life would be different if I had their energy:

  • No Sleep; No Problem 1 of 7
    No Sleep; No Problem
    I could party like a rock star all night and have no problem getting up and going the next day.
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  • Chores, No Problemo 2 of 7
    Chores, No Problemo
    I would no longer have nightmares about the pile of laundry that has accumulated in the basement.
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  • No Need To Diet 3 of 7
    No Need To Diet
    I would have no problem achieving optimal weight with boundless energy.
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  • No Nap Time Drama 4 of 7
    No Nap Time Drama
    There would be no daily struggle to get through the 3 o'clock "oh my gaw I need a Nap NOW" time of the day.
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  • Super-Mom 5 of 7
    I could be one of those mystery creatures we hear about -- the moms who can 'do it all'.
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  • Money For College 6 of 7
    Money For College
    The college fund for the kids would be a much larger number if I didn't have to spend so much money on coffee.
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  • No More Excuses 7 of 7
    No More Excuses
    I could no longer use the 'I am too tired' excuse to get out of sex.
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Now, if only I could find a way to bottle the energy of children — not only would I be able to get everything done — I imagine I would become one rich lady!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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