7 Ways to Keep The Kids Away From Your Door on Halloween

7 Ways to Keep The Kids Away From Your Door on HalloweenI don’t hate Halloween, I promise. I can see how that’s the  perception that might come across since I won’t make homemade costumes, or deal with carving pumpkins, and don’t like making a big deal out of things, but the process is fun for the kids and that does matter.

If you had asked me before I had kids if I cared for Halloween, I would have said, “No.” I don’t like the idea of a bunch of (sometimes) unsupervised children hopped up on sugar running around in masks asking for more candy from strangers. I find the whole tradition weird and interesting, but pre-kids it was not on my list of fun things to deal with even if it only happened once a year.

I was happy at that time to live in an apartment building, with secured entry which kept the kids away, and not partake in the evening. Now, I get to enjoy the night with my kids so I am all for it. But, I do know there are still some Halloween-bah-hum bugs out here and there. If you’re not a fan of Halloween and you want to keep your sanity during this holiday, here are some ways to keep the kids away from your door. Or at least keep the numbers down.

Click through to read 7 ways to keep those trick or treaters away on Halloween night:

  • Give A Trick, Not A Treat 1 of 7
    Word spreads fast among kids and if you give out tricks in place of treats, the kids will find out quick. Hand out toothbrushes and a business card for a dentist and you'll get less kids.
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  • Turn Off The Lights 2 of 7
    The sign around here is if you're out, not participating, or ran out of candy, than you turn off your outside lights.
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  • Hand Out Bad Candy 3 of 7
    The word will travel fast for tricks, and it will also move like lightening once the word is out that you have bad candy at your house. Give out the stuff you know no one will like -- like English mints or something.
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  • Install A Special Light 4 of 7
    If you're super anti-Halloween, you can make and install your own light that will confuse kids and make them leave. Kind of the opposite of a motion detector, you know? Instead of turning on with motion, the light will turn off instead; giving the impression that you're now out of candy.
    Get the instructions and build the light yourself from : Instructables
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  • Use the Super Scare Tactic 5 of 7
    Scare the kids so much they will stay away. Decorate to the extreme and it just might limit the number of kids that show up at your door.
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  • Just Leave the Candy 6 of 7
    If you don't mind giving out candy, but you don't want to hear the doorbell ring every 2 seconds, just leave a big bowl of candy out on your porch. The kids can help themselves.
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  • Leave a Note 7 of 7
    Kids will get the hint if you leave an empty bowl outside and/or a note that says, "No Candy Here."
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