7 Ways to Preserve Memories of Our Kids

Life changes the moment we welcome our first child into the mix. The camera shutter goes off a lot more in hopes of capturing those once in a lifetime milestones.

Baby takes his first bite, baby takes her first step, birthdays, baths, funny sleeping positions, halloween costumes and other similair moments typically make the camera roll. Then that little baby that was just learning to walk starts sprinting down a soccer field with a group of other little chaps. And now you have hundreds of photos of little Johnny doing his thing. Really, around every corner is an opportunity for a memory to be cherished.

If any of you are like me, you take the photos. You take the camera to the Kindergarten program and you switch back and forth with the still and the video camera. That’s the easy part. And then those photos eventually get loaded onto some kind of hard drive and after that, well…they sit there.

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Now, before I became mother hen to multiple little chickens, I had time to do something with the photos. I cut, glued and wrote little snippets and placed them neatly in scrapbook albums. I don’t do that anymore.

Blogging became the new way of documenting our life. I’ve loved it and was planning, of course, to put each blogging year into a book.

Have I done that yet? Nope! (Has it really been 5 years? Is that what I have to catch up on?)

You see the glitch I have in my brain. I’m the halfway girl. I get it half done. (At least I have the photos, the half I can’t get back.)

Every time a new year comes, the first thing on top of my resolution list is to finally do something with all those photos and videos and blog posts. Well, this is the year. Knowing that another little baby with firsts is about to enter the mix over here has me moving my booty finally. I’ve had to strategize what would be the best, most efficient and doable way for me to accomplish this feat…in this season of my life.

So, I thought long and hard about all the different ways we can preserve all these memories and compile them into a way that the whole family can enjoy.

Here are 7 of the things I have thought of to help preserve some of those memories.

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  • I Love You So Much! 1 of 6
    I Love You So Much!
    Here's an option, writing journals for your kids. This is a great way to remember all the funny one-liners or ways they reached milestones. The journals could be accompanied by photo boxes that are indexed and dated. I think kids would love to see their parents handwriting and read about some of the funny things they did when they were little.
  • Blog 2 of 6
    Do you have a blog? I'm obviously a fan of this option, but like I said before, I'd love to get the ole blog into some books. There are several websites out there that can slurp your blog into a book using free software. offers that option
  • Paper, Scissors, Glue 3 of 6
    Paper, Scissors, Glue
    There's also the scrapbooking method. It's still a popular way to showcase photos. Bless the parent that can do this one with small children! I had to give it up when I saw little hands playing with the glue and buttons.
  • Project Life 4 of 6
    Project Life
    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner over here! This is what I'll be choosing. Print photos, stick them directly into sleeves, write a snippet on a card, put them in a book and be done. I love easy! This "Project Life" method can really be cool and unique. It offers lots of suggestions on how to preserve memories.
    Click here for more information about Project Life
  • Movies 5 of 6
    What kid doesn't love to be the star in their own movie? My kids love seeing movies that I've made of them, using photos. Thanks to software now that is user friendly, it can be an easy process to load those photos into slideshows, add a song and make it into a DVD.
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • Digital 6 of 6
    Digital scrapbooking is another great way to show off those photos. There are software programs out there and also online options to choose from. It's a way to stay creative with less mess.
    Photo from who offers lots of digital scrapping options.

What do you do to preserve all the photos and memories of your kids?

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