7 Ways to Raise a Spoiled Child

7 Ways to Raise a Spoiled ChildI take this role of parent very seriously. I have goals for my children as they grow older and have an idea of the type of adults I would like them to become.

I have noticed more and more that people don’t seem to be raised with the same manners that I was when I was growing up. People want things to be done easier, faster and exactly when they want it — and I can see that in every area of life.

We hear all the time about “spoiled children” and there are many who believe that it can stem from how we treat them as a child. Some may believe it’s because we give in to our infants and cuddle them when they cry. Other parents may believe in tough love and not doing so can lead to a child who feels entitled. I have my own ideas on how exactly to raise a spoiled child and it’s more about what the parent is (or isn’t) doing that models exactly the type of person you want them to be … and kids (in my experience) soak everything in and will do not only what we say, but what we don’t say but show.

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  • Model Bad Manners 1 of 7
    Model Bad Manners
    Kids learn by watching what you do and one of the easiest ways to make sure they grow up acting spoiled is to not model any good manners. Don't say please and thank you yourself, don't follow the rules of the road and don't take other people into consideration.
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  • Speak to Your Child With Disrespect 2 of 7
    Speak to Your Child With Disrespect
    Along the way of modelling, kids learn how to speak to people by how you speak to them. If you want them to be mean -- be mean to them when you talk.
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  • Be Too Busy to Engage 3 of 7
    Be Too Busy to Engage
    Nothing will make a child grow up a brat then making them feel unimportant for their whole life. Make sure you always act like they are annoying you when they walk into the room and they're sure to act out for attention.
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  • Do Instead of Teach Because It’s Easier 4 of 7
    Do Instead of Teach Because It's Easier
    Encouraging your kids to clean up after themselves and do things on their own can take a lot of work. If you want them to grow up spoiled, just do everything for them instead of taking the time and patience to teach them how to do it themselves -- it's so much easier.
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  • Always Complain About What You Don’t Have 5 of 7
    Always Complain About What You Don't Have
    If you never look at the bright side or be thankful and grateful for what you have, your kids will always look at life half empty. If you center every complaint around what you don't have, what you should have and how that's not your fault -- it will set them up perfectly for being spoiled and entitled.
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  • Don’t Teach Financial Responsibility 6 of 7
    Don't Teach Financial Responsibility
    Again goes back to the "just do instead of teach" don't take any time teaching your child that you have to work hard for the things that you want. They will grow up feeling very entitled and spoiled because they always got everything without having to work for it.
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  • Show No Compassion for Their Needs 7 of 7
    Show No Compassion for Their Needs
    If you want your child to grow up being self-centered with no compassion for others, make sure you keep them away from doing anything for others for the sake of it. No volunteer work and of course, be sure not to model compassion for others yourself.
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Since I am sure none of us in our right minds would want to raise a spoiled child, be sure to do the opposite of all this ‘advice’ and you’re on your way to raising a grateful and thankful child.

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