8 Biggest Peeves I Encounter During After-School Pick-Up

8 Biggest Peeves of After-School Pick-UpSchool’s been back on for just about 3 weeks now and the familiarity of last year’s routine is settling in. It’s busier this year as Speed is now going full time, but for the most part it’s all the same.

Just more intense, ya know since I have to go every day now.

My husband is in charge of getting the kids to school, since their pick up place is en route to his work, he drops them off on his way. That leaves me in charge of the after-school pick-ups and since I don’t drive, we walk there daily (only about a 10 minute walk) and wait until the bus arrives with my kids.

After school time is an interesting time. You get the tired kids, the still-hyper kids and the parents trying to reel them all in. You see the teachers who are ready for the day to be over and the kids rushing to get off property.

If I could mould life to be exactly like I wanted, there would be some things I would change about the people who I see during the after-school pick-up. Some quirks and traits that I wish I could get rid of because man, they are big peeves of mine.

Click through to read my 8 biggest peeves of the after-school pick-up:

  • Late Bus 1 of 8
    Late Bus
    I get that it happens, but there are times where I am in a hurry and it's like 20 minutes late. Especially in bad weather or cranky toddler in toe, it can be a bit much for me.
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  • Late Parent 2 of 8
    Late Parent
    Last week, a girl on my kids' bus was let off and her parent wasn't there yet. She looked nervous and not sure what to do, so we waited with her until her dad came. The bus was late, not early, so I don't get why the parent was late.
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  • Mommy Groups 3 of 8
    Mommy Groups
    I kind of get it, they've known each other for a while, but they seem so inclusive and no one can enter their clique.
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  • Oblivious Parent 4 of 8
    Oblivious Parent
    The parent who is busy on their phone or dazed into wonderland while their kid is pushing people and screaming in other kids faces. It has totally happened to us.
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  • The Super Loud Kid 5 of 8
    The Super Loud Kid
    Sort of related to the previous slide, that kid who is always in your face. The overly friendly one who likes to talk and talk about everything and gets very hyper about it.
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  • Side Walk Hoarders 6 of 8
    Side Walk Hoarders
    The side walk has the same rules as the road people. If someone is coming down the road, move over. Kids and adults who just walk and expect you to go on the grass = not cool.
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  • Inclement Weather 7 of 8
    Inclement Weather
    I have to walk about 10 minutes to get to the place where my kids are dropped off by the bus. When it's raining, super cold or a snow storm than yes, it's certainly a big peeve of mine!
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  • The Always Angry Mom 8 of 8
    The Always Angry Mom
    There is this one mom at the pick-up who is always angry. I swear every day I see her, she's yelling at her kids about something. If it's not her kids, it's a teacher she's got issues with. Smile once in a while!
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