8 Books My 4-Year-Old Can’t Stop Reading

I think we’ve established pretty firmly that Bella really loves to read. The highlight of her day is getting a new book.

Or a new stuffed animal.

But really, there isn’t anything I love more than buying her a really fun, thought provoking, and/or interesting book. We often get shipments by mail from some people who sell online, and she’ll help me open up the package and then plop herself on the floor to read.

As she gets older, I’m able to not only share my favorites with her, but discover some new ones of my own. There have been times we both dive into a new book at bedtime only to end up giggling and rereading it. Like movies or shows, I have ones I like better than others. Some of the ones she adores make me want to poke my eyes out instead of reading them to her again.

Looking for new books for 4-year-olds? Below I’ve complied my daughter’s current favorites. I have to admit, I love each of these too. I think that helps; she knows I’m totally willing to read them to her over and over.

Have some we should know about? Leave a comment listing ones you and your child(ren) love. 


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  • Bedtime For Frances 2 of 9

    I remember reading these as a child. Bella loves Frances, but this book in particular. After thinking up every excuse in the world not to go to bed, her exhausted father finally tells her she's about to get a spanking. Bella always thinks this is shockingly funny. Every time. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $6.85

  • The Story Of Ferdinand 3 of 9

    The little bull who just wants to sit and sniff the flowers. It's a wonderful reminder told in a simple story of how being different is ok. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $3.41

  • Bella’s Rules 4 of 9

    Not only does the girl Bella remind me of Bella, but her dog in the book reminds us of ours - Charlie. Bella loves to do her own thing all the time - no rules - until her dog decides he's the same way.

    Purchase on Amazon for $12.75

  • Mommy Has An Angel 5 of 9

    My friend Natalie from The Busy Budgeting Mama wrote this beautiful book after her friend was killed. It's a very gentle, kind way to introduce different feelings and the lasting effects of loss to a young child. 

    Purchase on MommyHasAnAngel.com for $15

  • No, David! 6 of 9

    Oh, this book. I read it to my Kindergarten class years ago, now Bella and I read it and laugh. She loves his face, how he eats, and when he runs down the street naked after a bath she always yells, "Little naked buns running down the street." It truly is a classic. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $12.39


  • The Story About Ping 7 of 9

    We've used Ping as one of our homeschool books, and it's a continual favorite. The little duck who finds he's the last to arrive at the boat, so leaves to avoid getting a spank on his back finds himself in all kinds of trouble. Perfect as a reminder when our kids would rather avoid a consequence now, when the one later might be worse. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $3.49


  • Winnie The Pooh’s Giant Lift-The-Flap Book 8 of 9

    I thought this book might be too young for Bella, but she adores it. The lift-the-flaps keep her attention and the simple words help her to know what's what on the page early on. You can't beat the beautiful, original Winnie the Pooh illustrations. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $9.73


  • A Little Prairie House 9 of 9

    I wrote recently on how I love being able to share Little House on the Prairie with Bella, and these books make it possible. There are so many in this series to choose from, including her husband Almanzo's life on the farm. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $6.29



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