8 Common Things That Are Luxuries For Moms

8 Common Things That Are Luxuries For MomsI love being a mom and while I swore before I had kids that motherhood would not really change me as a person, it has.

It’s mostly changed me for the better — these kids I get to call mine are pretty amazing if you ask me. They teach me more than I realized I could be taught and life is just so much fun with them around.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t give up much for them — I have. It comes along with the role of motherhood and some of the more common things we didn’t realize we loved so much, went away when our kids began crawling.

Click through to read 8 “common” things that are now “luxuries” for moms:

  • Privacy in the Washroom 1 of 8
    Privacy in the Washroom
    When you need to go to the washroom, privacy is basically expected while you finish what you gotta do. When you're a mom with young kids, that common thing goes out the window because kids follow everywhere!
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  • A Warm Meal 2 of 8
    A Warm Meal
    You spend time creating and making a warm meal for your family, you expect to get to eat it warm with the rest of them. Before you know it you're plate is cold after dealing with drama after issue.
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  • A Crumb-Free Car 3 of 8
    A Crumb-Free Car
    Before you have kids you have time to clean up your car and your back seat is rarely touched. With kids you can try to keep up with the clean, but it's an endless battle while there are still car seats in the back.
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  • Quiet 4 of 8
    Before children you could walk out of the room and step into another one that is quieter. As a mom, you can try all you want but quite is a rare luxury.
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  • Hoop or Dangled Earings 5 of 8
    Hoop or Dangled Earings
    Before kids fashion was what you wanted it to be. Now with kids wearing hoop earrings has to be carefully planned for when you won't have a child near you, which is rare.
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  • Light Colored Carpet and Furniture 6 of 8
    Light Colored Carpet and Furniture
    When you first got your own home you spend months and months decorating. When you became a parent you realized quickly how silly the light colored carpet and furniture was -- it was harder to keep it clean than replace it for some stain-hiding color.
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  • A Daily Shower 7 of 8
    A Daily Shower
    Before children a daily shower was a part of your morning routine. That's now a luxury as you've had to trade that in for a dry shampoo and a once every few days semi-warm shower.
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  • Non-Yoga Pants 8 of 8
    Non-Yoga Pants
    It's the staple of the mom-wardrobe because it's comfortable, durable and pretty easily replaceable. Kids can be messy and non-yoga pants when with the kids is a luxury not common.
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