8 Cool Crib and Crib Mattress UpCycles

Hey, great news! Your baby is now a kid and you’re saying goodbye to that crib and crib mattress! But wait – seriously – do NOT toss those items away. There are some really cool crib and crib mattress upcycles to keep the bed useful past babyhood.

Think about it – you spent hours researching the best crib and mattress. You spent hours setting up the crib, deciding whether or not to use bumpers, picking the best finish to match your nursery decor. You let it air out in the nursery so the vapors wouldn’t harm your baby. You lovingly tied bumpers around it and then begrudgingly changed it at 3am thanks to toddler body fluids. And despite your child’s maturity and ability to scale the crib rails, there’s still a good chance he fits just fine on the crib mattress.

So here are cool ways to keep using those investments, rather than sending them to the junk pile or attic:

  • Crib mattress as a dog bed 1 of 8

    Give your furbaby your human baby's hand-me-downs by making him a comfortable and supportive bed. Included is a tutorial for how to construct the wooden frame on wheels.

    source: baby rabies for redbarnblog.com

  • A reading nook 2 of 8

    A crib mattress can transform into a cozy reading nook with a canopy, pillows, and maybe some twinkle lights. This would be perfect in a bedroom or playroom as a place to relax and learn.

    source: smallfriendly.com

  • A trundle or sick bed 3 of 8

    Slide that crib mattress under your bed and pull it out when you need to keep your sick child close (more info in that link to another article of mine!). We keep our mattress pad on the mattress, so it just requires a quick fresh sheet and a blanket to make a comfortable, supportive sick bed that a child can sleep well on.

    source: me

  • Children’s desk 4 of 8

    It's the circle of life! Once a baby bed, now a kid's desk! It's the perfect wait to clip art and the chalkboard base creates a wonderful art or  homework center.

    source: a little learning for two blog

  • An adult desk 5 of 8

     Sure, you could use it as a kid's desk....except you could use it as your desk! This is a gorgeous way to utilize all of the pieces, with a clear glass top and shelving. What a cool way to make sure you never miss a football game or a teacher conference while reminiscing of your small baby.

    source: torispelling.com

  • An heirloom bench 6 of 8

    How cool is this bench? It's made from the high back of a crib, plus one side cut in half, then sanded and painted! It's a beautiful piece that could sit in a foyer and pass down when your child is grown up with his own home.

    source: cassandra design blog

  • Daybeds for a playroom 7 of 8

    Use crib mattresses on a wooden shelving unit to create daybeds/couches for a playroom. They're light but sturdy, so perfect for rowdy kids when you don't want to worry about superhero leaps causing sagging couch cushions.

    source: kara's korner blog

  • An outdoor bench 8 of 8

    This is so cute - boards, outdoor fabric, and an old crib mattress make the perfect weather-friendly seating arrangement on a deck.

    source: funky junk interiors


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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