8 Great Kids Books for the Election Season!

It’s election season and while the adults are all aflutter with the debates, the ads, the economy and all things presidential, kids can often feel left out.

If this is the first election that they’re conscious about, they may be confused about what is happening and why it is so important.

Which is where books come in. Because I don’t know about you, but the last time I tried to explain the electoral college to my children, none of us emerged victorious.

The best election season books to share with your kids after the jump!

  • Elections and Other Cool Facts 1 of 8
    Elections and Other Cool Facts
    This is fun book of presidential historical trivia that most adults will already know but kids will love to discover! A really great way to have kids get kids to understand the election process.
    Get it from Amazon $6.30
  • Bo Obama 2 of 8
    Bo Obama
    For some strange reason (ahem) Mitt Romney's dog doesn't have a book. But if there were one, it would be along the lines of Mittie Dearest
    Get it from Amazon $9.95
  • Duck for President 3 of 8
    Duck for President
    A fun book for the younger crowd. Warning: Subversive union message. That I totally support, by the way.
    Get it from Amazon $9.37
  • Presidents: Eyewitness Books 4 of 8
    Presidents: Eyewitness Books
    I love Eyewitness books because they're like great Wiki pages. An overview of all the Presidents.
    Get it from Amazon $12.23
  • The People Pick a President: An Election Book 5 of 8
    The People Pick a President: An Election Book
    For 8 years old and up, although younger kids can enjoy this one, too. The election process explained.
    Get it from Amazon $5.99
  • Vote! 6 of 8
    The voting process is explained with a mayoral election by the author of Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.
    Get it from Amazon $9.37
  • Elizabeth Leads the Way 7 of 8
    Elizabeth Leads the Way
    A great book (for 6 years olds and up!) about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her determination that women should have the right to vote, just like men.
    Get it from Amazon $7.99
  • Election Activity Books 8 of 8
    Election Activity Books
    A hands-on activity book for the 5-7 year old set.
    Get it from Amazon $10.39

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