8 Lies Moms Love to Hear

There are times in a mom’s life when she’s had enough. Enough drama, enough crying, enough mess, and enough stress to last many, many lifetimes.

It’s times like these when mom needs a spirit boost in the worst possible way. Make no mistake; a frazzled mom will take her encouragement wherever she can find it. Desperate mom times call for desperate mom measures as we look to our dearest friends for the fractional truths we need to hear most.

Check out the 8 things moms need to hear most after the jump!

  • It gets easier 1 of 8
    It gets easier
    We all know it doesn't get easier. Every stage of motherhood has its challenges but when we're knee deep in kid drama, please just say it anyway.
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  • My kid did the same thing 2 of 8
    My kid did the same thing
    Your kid peed the bed until he was 8 too? You have no idea how much better that makes a mom feel.
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  • You don’t look like you have kids 3 of 8
    You don't look like you have kids
    Deep in your muffin top you know that isn't true but who cares? It feels good to hear.
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  • You’re such a good mom 4 of 8
    You're such a good mom
    You may not be the perfect mom but you know how hard you try. Hearing the good mom pep talk from someone other than your subconscious feels refreshingly validating.
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  • We’re here to help 5 of 8
    We're here to help
    Friends offering to help (even when they don't really mean it) feels hot out of the dryer comforting. The offer alone is just what we need to hear.
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  • You’re nothing like your mother 6 of 8
    You're nothing like your mother
    Depending on your mother, this one can go either way. A true friend knows whether "You're nothing like your mother" or "Your mother would be so proud" is right for the occasion.
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  • You used to do the same thing 7 of 8
    You used to do the same thing
    Having mom gently remind you that payback's a bitch is oddly comforting. Just look at how good you turned out!
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  • Your kids are awesome 8 of 8
    Your kids are awesome
    Sure, you think so but having someone tell you as much while your kids claw each other's eyeballs out over a Smurf eraser is feels supremely divine.
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What do you need to hear as a mother?

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