8 Movie Moms I Do Not Want To Be Compared To

Movies bring in some pretty magical characters into our lives. They can open our eyes to different lifestyles, take us to the future and help us explore worlds that don’t yet exist. We see funny relationships, bad communication and things that would never happen in real life.

I love to take inspiration from movies, we are huge movie watchers here at home and I have seen all different types of characters. Ones that teach me more about how to express love, how to take myself less seriously and then there are characters that I find myself happy I don’t see myself in. Moms in particular — there are some pretty weird ones in the movies and ones that I hope I am never compared to or thought to be like.

Click through to see 8 movies with moms I do not ever want to be compared to:

  • Home Alone 1 of 8
    Home Alone
    The mom in this movie did a huge mama-no-no. Kate left on vacation with her family but forgot her youngest son. Leaving him to fight off burglars.
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  • Precious 2 of 8
    I doubt there is anyone in the world who wants to be known as Mary, the abusive mom in this movie.
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  • Cinderella 3 of 8
    While Cinderella's biological mom passed away, she was raised by her step mother. No one wants to be the mom who is cruel, mean and due for a heavy dose of karma.
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  • The Waterboy 4 of 8
    The Waterboy
    Helen - or better known as 'mama' is an over bearing, terrified mom. She is controlling and desperate mama - neither of which I want to be known as.
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  • American Pie 5 of 8
    American Pie
    Seriously, who can forget Stiffler's mom? Though she is known as the "MILF", I'd rather not be known for that myself.
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  • Mean Girls 6 of 8
    Mean Girls
    Mrs. George - a mom who wants to be a friend to her daughter, gives in too much and let's her youngest 'bring all the boys to the yard' by allowing over-sexualized videos to play at home. Not my idea of how to parent.
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  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 7 of 8
    What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    Bonnie seems like a well-meaning mother, but for me, I never want to become a huge burden to my children and don't want to be known as the mom who likes to control everyone.
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  • A.I: Artificial Intelligence 8 of 8
    A.I: Artificial Intelligence
    Monica Swinton adopted a robot only to throw him away and the child spends the rest of the movie trying to regain her love. Certainly not a loving quality.
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:: Who do you think is the worst Movie Mom? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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