8 New Year Resolutions I Want to Make But Know I’ll Never Keep

8 New Year Resolutions I Want to Make, but Know I'll Never KeepThe time is approaching very quickly where everyone jumps at the chance of starting the new year off on a good foot; the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions that pretty much always seem to be the same thing.

I’ve made them in the past, but it always seems once February (or if I’m lucky, March) hits, I forget the resolution and fall back into the way that I was hoping to change. I guess for me, the whole New Year thing is not a big enough push. Not yet anyway.

This year, I am thinking of by-passing the whole resolution thing. I’m not doing anything fun on New Year’s Eve either and well, it’s never really been “my holiday.” That’s not to say I don’t have any goals for the year. I do in fact, but I know that once I make them “resolutions” the will to continue will fade by February.

There are 8 New Year’s resolutions I want to make, but I know that the chances of actually sticking with them are not too likely:

  • Limit Screen Time 1 of 8
    Limit Screen Time
    We are a family who loves our screen time. If I am not working on my computer, I'm browsing Pinterest or playing a video game with my kid. I would put this resolution on my list, but then... well, I wouldn't have much left to do.
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  • Try More New Things 2 of 8
    Try More New Things
    I have never liked going out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I would love to put this on my resolutions list, but well that would be trying new things.
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  • Stop Sweating the Small Stuff 3 of 8
    Stop Sweating the Small Stuff
    I can be sometimes called "high strung" and let small things bother me more than they should. I could put this on my list, but I am freaking out about it and, well, that's not good.
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  • Find a Better Work-Life Balance 4 of 8
    Find a Better Work-Life Balance
    This one is a big struggle for a lot of working parents and I know that putting this on my resolution will make it feel like too much pressure, and it won't stick.
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  • Encourage My Kids to Eat Different Foods 5 of 8
    Encourage My Kids to Eat Different Foods
    When it comes to food, my kids like to stick with what they know. Especially Raru who would be so happy living on nothing but bacon and peanut butter. I want to encourage them to try new things more and offer them foods they've never had... but it would fail fast if I made it my mission instead of doing it more gently.
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  • Exercise Outside More Often 6 of 8
    Exercise Outside More Often
    It's not that I don't exercise, but it's always indoors. It will be harder now that it's winter which is why I won't be putting this on the resolution list.
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  • Get Better at French 7 of 8
    Get Better at French
    With my kids in French Immersion school, it would be great to pick up on it faster than I am and take a class in it myself... but you know, I have too much to do already and this would be one to drop quickly.
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  • Cut Down on Sweets 8 of 8
    Cut Down on Sweets
    It's kind of standard on everyone's New Year's Resolution list which is why it should probably be on mine, but I love them too much. I would last maybe 1 or 2 days.
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