8 Of The Best Superhero Pajamas For Kids

Having a well-stocked tickle trunk of dress up accessories is a must for any happy household. We have bins with puppets, hats, masks, and bedrooms filled with costumes.

Every now and again my son will randomly ask to put on his dinosaur costume from Halloween, which is absolutely awesome, but a little cumbersome as an everyday dress-up choice. So the default in our house when it comes to dressing up are superhero pajamas.

Costume superhero pajamas are the best because they’re light enough and easy enough to wear around the house after school (or everyday), but not so bulky that they take a lot of effort or you’re worried about them getting wrecked.

Superhero pajamas are comfortable and versatile and when paired with the awesome masks that have made their way into toy stores are the best for everyday dress up with the kids.

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    8 Best Superhero Pajamas

    This is how you have all the fun of a costume without all the stress of a costume.

  • Spider-Man 2 of 9

    I picked up this full body Spider-Man pyjama set at Primark on a recent trip to Edinburgh. They haven't taken them off in a month.

    Buy from Primark for $10 or you can also grab a 2 piece version from The Disney Store for $19.50

  • Batman 3 of 9

    The first superhero set my boys got was a Batman outfitfor Christmas. It is my son's "go-to" after school outfit.

    Buy this set from Target for $14.99 or this one from Amazon for $19.99

  • Iron Man 4 of 9

    I've made the mistake of showing these Iron Man PJs from the Disney Store to the boys. Christmas can't come soon enough.

    You can buy the pair for $19.50

  • Captain America 5 of 9

    There's a great collection of Marvel superhero costumes from the Disney Store, including these easy to wear outfit to make them feel like Captain America.

    Buy the Captain America set for $19.50

  • Superman 6 of 9

    When they have a built in cape, they are the best. There are many styles of Superman pajamas out there, but we love these shorts for summer from Target.

    Buy the short set for $12.99

  • The Hulk 7 of 9

    When they're having a temper tantrum, tell them to go to their room and put on their Hulk costume.

    You can grab this great look from The Disney Store for $19.50

  • Yoda 8 of 9

    Not everything has to be a costume made out of jammies, we love this Yoda bathrobe for after the bath and before bed.

    Have a good sleep you will with this outfit from Superhero Stuff. (Buy this you will for $31.99!)

  • R2D2 9 of 9

    While kids like to get into the superhero vibe, it's never too early to get them geeked out. My 3-year-old is wishing he still wore a onesie so he can be R2D2.

    Buy this one from Superhero Stuff for $23.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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