8 Parenting Tools and Techniques I Use Daily

When I was expecting my first child, I focused a lot of the products I would need for them during their infant stage. As the kids get older, there seems to be less and less advice on what tools and products help you parent your older children and it often becomes a guessing game.

8 years later, there has been a clear indication of the must-have tools that help me in my a parenting. Some of them are products I am not sure I can live without that entertain my kids when I need a moment, while others are phrases I whip out when I need the kids to do something. There are even some tools that just help me cope with the noise.

Here are 8 parenting tools I find myself using on a daily basis!

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    This parenting thing has some learning curves to it, but these tools and techniques have been so helpful for me raising my kids. They don't all make sense, but they all work for us.

  • My iPhone Camera 2 of 9

    I can't tell you how many times I have to break out my camera when I'm with my kids. Not only to capture those oh-so-cute moments, but a trick I learned a long time ago is if your child is having an epic tantrum, break out your camera and record their screaming. I've found that playing that video back to my kids stops the tantrum in it's tracks

  • Water 3 of 9

    Not to drink, but to play in. My youngest I swear, would live in the water if she could. If I need to distract her from being grumpy or anything, I break out the water for her to play in, either cups to pour and play with her toys or stick her in the bath.

  • Star Wars and Lego Books 4 of 9

    My son doesn't really care to read, but when it comes to Lego or Star Wars, he can stare at those books for hours. It keeps him engaged and entertained while working on his reading skills.

  • A Netflix Subscription 5 of 9

    Gone are the days of just watching what's on TV and hoping it's not more annoying than helpful to you and in are the you-choose-what-to-watch when-you-want-to choices. We don't watch a lot of TV each day, but when we do, it keeps us all happy.

  • Billy Madison Quotes 6 of 9

    I don't know where or why it started, and my kids look at me like I'm crazy because they've never seen the movie, but when I'm trying to get my kids to do something and they refuse, I break out the quotes from the movie. My favorite one "well, you can stay home and help me shave my armpits". Gets the up and moving pretty fast.

  • Sensory Rice Bucket 7 of 9

    My mom made a colored rice sensory bucket for the kids to use indoors like a sandbox and since then, it's been a great entertainment tool for the kids. It keeps the engaged and having fun, but not always on top of me. It's amazing how much that has helped.

  • Headphones, for Mom 8 of 9

    There are days where my kids are either loud playing happily or on their whine-about-everything train and sometimes, my ears get tired. If that happens, which it does from time to time, I break out the headphones for me and listen to happy, calming music.

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  • An iPad 9 of 9

    I know that some people are against the technology tools of today, but it's been amazing for us. I have more kids than hands and with each of them having their own things they need to work on and homework, keeping the child who's not currently getting my help engaged and happy is simple with all the child-friendly apps out there.

    Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness

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