8 Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips to Follow This Halloween

8 Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips to Follow This HalloweenAre your kids excited for Halloween? Do they have their costumes all picked out and annoyingly asking you every day if they can “just try it on again” before the big day?

Halloween is a week away and with that many of you will start (or keep on doing) Halloween crafts with the kids. One of the biggest known crafts for Halloween is carving pumpkins to place on the porch for the 31st.

I have seen some pretty amazing pumpkin carvings lately — from the common face and ghosts to more intricate designs that must have taken far more patience to do than I have.

While I won’t be needing to do any of these safety precautions for our family since I am not into the whole thing, it doesn’t mean I don’t want you guys to be safe this Halloween!

Click through to read 8 safety precautions you should follow for carving pumpkins:

  • Don’t Use a Kitchen Knife 1 of 8
    Kitchen knives can be too sharp and that's a safety concern. The truth is, it's not always "the sharper, the better." Pick up a special pumpkin carving kit from the store instead.
    Source: Pediatric Safety
    Photo credit: primerano/Flickr
  • Carving Rules 2 of 8
    Here's the safety rule! Only allow the larger kids to carve. Leave the job for adults if really small little ones are around, no matter how much they want to help!
    Source: Pediatric Safety
    Photo credit: benfulton/Flickr
  • Supervision is Key 3 of 8
    Make sure there's always an adult on hand to watch over the kids. Even if the kids are old enough to carve themselves, you will want to help by having extra eyes on what's going on.
    Source: Pediatric Safety
    Photo credit: GraceFamily/Flickr
  • Pick the Right Spot 4 of 8
    Make sure you pick a spot that is well-light and dry. This can make sure you can see the small cutting you're about to do and reduce the risk of slipping and injury.
    Source: American Society for Surgery of the Hand
    Photo credit: FredoAlvarez/Flickr
  • Decorate Instead 5 of 8
    If you have small kids or less than ideal situations, consider decorating a pumpkin instead of carving. You can paint it or use the pumpkins as a prop source.
    Photo credit: chriscoyier/Flickr
  • Knife Away 6 of 8
    When you're carving, hold the knife so the blade is away from your body. This will help in case your hand slips. You're less likely to hurt yourself.
    Photo credit: rocketjim54/Flickr
  • Skip the Candle 7 of 8
    There are now small light sources or flameless candles that are far safer for pumpkins than old-fashioned candles.
    Source: American Society for Surgery of the Hand
    Photo credit: frenchroyalist3/Flickr
  • Carve Before De-Lidding 8 of 8
    Think about the order of your carving design. It will make a difference. Carve the front design and then take off the top and scoop out the inside. Doing it in this order can prevent you from placing your hand inside the pumpkin to keep it steady and potentially cutting yourself with the knife.
    Source: Consumer Reports
    Photo credit: indigoprime/Flickr

Photo credit: adapted fromĀ iStockPhoto

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