8 Questions We Ask Our Kids Which Always Result in a Blank Stare

8 Questions We Ask Our Kids Which Always Results in a Blank Stare BackThere is a lot about parenting that perplexes me, from the strange things that kids do to the interesting things they dream about each day. It really is awesome to watch their brains at work and see them figure things out for the first time.

I can still remember when my kids were old enough to hold real conversations with me and how much easier that made everyday things. No longer did I have to decode what that cry meant or attempt to figure out the translation for their newest made-up word. Finally they could tell me exactly what they wanted and I could have real talks and interactions with them.

Then, out of the blue I get a real dose of “Hey, they’re still kids!” when I ask them a simple question that shouldn’t be hard to answer. Instead of responding to what I had asked, I am met with silence and an intense blank stare. I’ve pinpointed this reaction to some very specific questions that always end up with this result.

Click through to read 8 questions we ask our kids which always results in a blank stare:

  • How Was School Today? 1 of 8
    How Was School Today?
    They could have had the best day at school ever, yet every time I ask I get nothing. I've found that asking more specific questions helps them get talking.
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  • Why Do You Have So Much Energy? 2 of 8
    Why Do You Have So Much Energy?
    This question is likely really rhetorical, but there have been more than a few times I have wanted the real answer.
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  • Who Made This Mess? 3 of 8
    Who Made This Mess?
    Kids learn the whole self-preservation thing quickly and don't easily rat on themselves. I am not surprised my kids don't ever answer this question, though it would be helpful if they did.
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  • What Did You Do Today? 4 of 8
    What Did You Do Today?
    If you were out and your child hung out with their dad or a friend, trying to get any info on what fun they had during the day, it's painful. They never seem to remember.
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  • Why Did You Do That? 5 of 8
    Why Did You Do That?
    Again, a rhetorical question that never really results in an actual answer.
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  • Why Won’t You Go To Sleep? 6 of 8
    Why Won't You Go To Sleep?
    Often a question that just can't be answered, though at three in the morning, we really wish there was one. Coffee is important if you find yourself asking this question a lot.
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  • Are You Going to Eat Your Spinach? 7 of 8
    Are You Going to Eat Your Spinach?
    There are some vegetables my kids will eat (like green peppers), but there are some they will fight to the death so they don't even have to try them. I can ask over and over and will always get the same blank stare reply.
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  • Did You Clean Your Room? 8 of 8
    Did You Clean Your Room?
    Again with the self-preservation. You can see the blank stare as they try to formulate an excuse as to why their room still looks like a tornado ripped through it.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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