8 Random Things That Keep My Kids Entertained For Hours

I don’t pretend to understand what’s going on in my kids minds. I don’t really remember the brain-workings of a child when I was one and looking at my kids now, there are certainly times I have no idea what they’re thinking.

They each have their own interests and things that they really love to do. There are activities that each one prefers over the other and multiple times in the day they switch up what they’re playing with for something else.

When it comes to what keeps them quiet and happy, the activities they sometimes choose, perplexes me. I don’t want to knock them because they do keep them quiet and entertained for hours and that gives me time to shower, clean or just enjoy the quiet.

  • Random Things That Keep My Kids Entertained 1 of 9
    Random Things That Keep My Kids Entertained
    I don't pretend to understand why these things have such power, but I am thankful they do
  • Marbles 2 of 9
    The kids love to roll them on the floor, count them, put them in buckets and it will keep them entertained for hours. They come up with some pretty fun games that I don't really understand. It's loud and hurts when you step on one, but so worth it.
  • Stickers 3 of 9
    I don't really understand the fun in stickers, but it entertains my kids for hours. They end up covered in them or I have to chisel them off the walls, but they're quiet and it's harmless.
  • Rice “Sand”box 4 of 9
    Rice "Sand"box
    My mom made this activity for my kids -- colored white rice that's placed in a sandbox (with no sand). The kids will sit and play for hours in the rice box as they would in a sandbox, but we can keep it indoors.
  • Their Early Reader Books 5 of 9
    Their Early Reader Books
    I love watching my kids read and they have take a real interest in both English and French books. Whether they're sounding out the words, using their special book reader or just making adventures out of the pictures -- they always have fun.
  • Building Blocks 6 of 9
    Building Blocks
    Oh, how I loved the day my kids became interested in building blocks. It keeps all three of them entertained for hours, they use their imagination, work on their fine motor movement and play so well together with them.
  • Toy Cars 7 of 9
    Toy Cars
    I have never really understood the draw to these toys, but all three of the kids love to lay on the floor and drive the toy cars around. They make fascinating games out of them and traffic buildups and they can do this for hours.
  • Their Tablet 8 of 9
    Their Tablet
    We got the three kids one tablet for Christmas this year and they've been hooked to it. There are so many fun games available now and they're usually learning without realizing it.
  • Anything With Water 9 of 9
    Anything With Water
    My youngest is especially happen whenever she's around water, playing with water or in water. She can spend hours in the bathtub having the best time or is equally thrilled just pouring water from cup to cup.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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