8 Reasons Why Having More Than 2 Kids Is Awesome!

Why Having More than 2 Kids is Awesome via Babble.comIt’s no secret that the husband and I are working on creating our 4th child. We have 3 and they are still relatively young and we’re hoping to add more to the chaos of our lives.

We’ve had mixed reactions to the news. Some people get all shocked and weird when they realize we have 3 kids — then get even more so when they learn we actually want more.

I grew up with 2 brothers and a sister — a family with 4 kids. It’s what I know and I would not have it any other way! It was amazing then and it’s amazing now as I have 3 built-in support people who know me better than anyone else. I am so happy that we have chosen (and have been able to) give my kids the same type of experience and for all the “gasps” we get about our “larger family,” I wonder if people ever stop to look at the positives of having more than 2 kids.

Click through for 8 totally awesome reasons it’s totally awesome to have more than 2 kids:

  • Kids Can Entertain Each Other 1 of 8
    Kids Can Entertain Each Other
    Your kids will never be bored or wanting for playdates. Siblings provide built-in entertainment systems, best friends, and a social network.
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  • There’s a Lot More Love 2 of 8
    There's a Lot More Love
    If you are having a crappy day, there are more then enough kids and their adorable, comforting hugs to go around. Same can be said for the kid.
    Photo credit: Fairy Heart on Flickr
  • You’re Never Alone 3 of 8
    You're Never Alone
    No, really it's a good thing. You will never feel lonely, your kids will never feel alone!
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  • Always Someone to Help 4 of 8
    Always Someone to Help
    If you're carrying in a big load of groceries, there are plenty of hands to help make it only one trip! Same for chores and laundry.
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  • Purchases Get Better Use 5 of 8
    Purchases Get Better Use
    Buy a bed for one kid and it can last until your last kid outgrows it. Clothing gets better life going from one child to the other and there is more justification for the bigger items like purchasing a playset or going on trips.
    Photo credit: enduringessence on Flickr
  • Enough Players 6 of 8
    Enough Players
    If you're wanting to play a game of tennis or a great game of Monopoly, you have enough people to make the game interesting.
    Photo credit: gareth on Flickr
  • When You’re Older, There’s More Support 7 of 8
    When You're Older, There's More Support
    Your kids and their siblings will always be there for each other. If there's a crisis or a problem later, your kids have a built-in system to help look out for each other.
    Photo credit: Spit Fire on Flickr
  • Chaos Builds Character 8 of 8
    Chaos Builds Character
    Yes, it can be chaotic and busy and crazy -- but learning to live and thrive in chaos builds character and confidence.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness

:: Will you or do you have a “big family” too? ::

Photo credit:  ann_jutatip on Flickr


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