8 School Days When Kids Can Use an Extra Pick Me up

It’s hard to believe come August I’ll have not one, but two elementary school students! BooBoo will be entering kindergarten (sniff, sniff) while Boy Wonder becomes a big 5th grader. My, how time flies.

It’s always been important to me that my kids know just how much I think about them during the school day. As our kids progress in their elementary careers and the behavioral and academic expectations get higher, sometimes our kids need a little extra encouragement to keep going.

Showing our kids just how much we care is a quick and easy thing to do, especially with the help of Ziploc bags. While every child is different, one thing remains the same: every kid could use an extra pick me up on these 8 particular school days — check them out after the jump!

1. First day of school

Going back to school into a new classroom with new faces can be overwhelming. Imagine your child’s smile when they open their new pencil box to find a positive note from you that says something like, “This is going to be a great year!” or “Good luck in third grade!” Consider your note a reassuring virtual hug.

2. A big test

Your kid is nervous about today’s math test, so leave her an encouraging note in her lunchbox that says, “Good luck today!” or “Just try your best, Honey” to remind her that she’s in your thoughts.

3. Oral report day

Standing up in front of the class to give a speech can be scary, especially for a shy child. You may not be there to hold your kid’s hand, but you can let him know you’re there in spirit. Slip a silly note in his folder to break the tension that says something funny like, “Psst! Just picture everyone in their underwear!”

4. A Monday

 Monday’s are hard on everyone, especially kids. Offer notes of encouragement like, “Let’s make Monday a fun-day!” and include an unexpected treat like fun stickers or erasers.

5. School program

School programs can be as scary as they are exciting for kids. Try putting a little note in the pocket of their costume that reads, “You’re going to be great!” to boost his confidence.

6. Standardized state testing

Sadly our schools often put a lot of pressure on our kids to perform well on state tests. Help ease your child’s anxiety with a simple, “You’ll do great!” with a huge smiley face.

7. The day after

Maybe last night’s homework assignment ended in tears or your kid had a rough day at school yesterday — whatever the cause of your child’s stress, a note from mom or dad can be just the pickup he needs to make today a better day. Simple phrases like, “We’re proud of you!” or “Today is a new day!” serve as great reminders that brighter days are ahead.

8. Just because

Of course, you don’t need a reason to spread a little cheer into your child’s school day! A simple “I love you!” or “Keep smiling!” is enough to bring a smile onto your child’s face.

Placing your thoughtful note in a sealed Ziploc bag is the best way to protect it from condensation in your child’s lunch, as well as all the messy things kids in your kid’s backpack. Sometimes I like to include a special candy, stickers, fun erasers, or party store treasures with my note for an added surprise. I can always count on Ziploc bags to keep my special surprises safe and protected.

As we approach the upcoming school year, pay close attention to those important days on your child’s academic calendar. Your thoughts and special surprises go a long way in showing your child just how you care when you can’t be there.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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