8 School Fundraising Alternatives Because Enough’s Enough Already

Welcome back to school, now open your wallet.

It seems like every month my kids’ school is asking me to dig into my pocketbook – and those of my friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers – to help fund my children’s education.

Obviously I don’t mind giving to the school in a reasonable capacity by way of school supply donations and the occasional Spirit Night, but the constant need is frustrating. Yes, schools are seriously hurting, but so is the average American family.

How much financial slack are parents and even teachers supposed to pick up? And don’t even get me started on over-the-top fundraising assemblies expertly designed to get my kid pumped about the possibility of winning an iPad. “Mommy, all I have to do is sell [insert ridiculous number here] rolls of wrapping paper!” Um, thanks fundraising companies for leaving me with the responsibility of killing dreams. What did I ever do to you aside from buying years and years of expensive cookie dough and subscriptions to People that went unconsumed. These companies are making parents crazy with their carrot-on-a-stick prize promises, and for what? I pimp out my kids enough on my blog; the madness has got to stop somewhere.

This year I said no more. The September fundraiser came and went and I didn’t buy a single item, which really upset my kids. They didn’t want to be the only kids not turning in a fundraising envelope. They didn’t want to be the only kids without rainbow lanyards for selling three items. I explained how we choose to support the school in other ways – like oh, the paper drive going on right now. I’m sorry, but there’s a limit to how many rolls of wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, and frozen pizzas people are willing to buy at exorbitant prices.

I know the schools need money. I want the schools to get money. I just think there has to be a better way.

  • Fundraising alternatives FTW! 1 of 9

    Let's take a look at 8 fundraising alternatives to give schools the things they need and give our wallets a much-needed rest.

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  • Box Tops for Education 2 of 9

    For the last 17 years, the Box Tops for Education program has donated over $525 million dollars to over 90,000 K-8 schools! Box Top labels are worth 10¢ each and appear on over 250 products families use regularly. Simply clip, collect, and have your school redeem for whatever they need most. And guess what, you can even earn eBoxTops® when you shop online! Earning money for our schools has never been easier!


  • ArtStamps 3 of 9

    ArtStamps offers a variety of fundraising options that allow students to submit original artwork that is then transformed into postage or 500 other products for sale. Family and friends will just love purchasing works of art from their favorite young artists!

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  • Auction 4 of 9

    Families are always looking for good eats and good fun, so why not auction off restaurant and movie gift cards along with tickets to local attractions and events at BiddingForGood.com. As a charitable e-commerce company that allows shoppers to give back to the causes they care about most, BiddingForGood.com can help your school earn much needed funds from online auctions!

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  • Labels for Education 5 of 9

    Labels for Education is a school fundraising program that allows families to collect UPC codes and beverage/sauce caps from over 2,500 participating products for collection by eligible K-12 schools that can redeem them for free educational products, such as computers, sports equipment, musical instruments and so much more. And with elabelsforeducation.com, there are even more ways to collect and earn for your school.

  • Paper Gator 6 of 9

    Super easy to use, the Paper Gator is a giant paper recycling bin that allows folks to recycle their unwanted paper. The school then receives money from the sale of the collected recycled paper. So easy, right?

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  • Tyson Project A+ 7 of 9

    The Tyson Project A+â„¢ program allows families to clip, collect, and redeem Tyson Project A+ labels (worth a whopping 24¢ each!) from packages of Tyson® products that your school can use for the things they need most!

  • Rummage Sale 8 of 9

    Since every household collects its share of unwanted and unused treasures, consider hosting a school-wide rummage sale of student-donated items. Rid your home of unwanted clutter while helping out your school? We love it!

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  • Parents’ Night Out 9 of 9

    You trust your children to the care of their school each and every day, so if the school organized an evening especially for the kids that gave parents the rare opportunity for a night out, you'd take it, right? Yes, even for a fee. Parents will eagerly shell out the cash for a kid-free evening out while supporting their children's school.

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What are your thoughts on school fundraising?

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