8 Things I Can’t Have in the House Because I Have Kids

8 Things I Can't Have in the House Because I Have KidsThere are a lot of things that change when you become a parent. Your sleep is never really the same, your budget is usually a lot tighter, and you have this extra responsibility that you never had before.

It can be quite the adjustment, and while you may think you get used to it, there are still times (years later) that you realize you have more sacrifices to give in the name of having kids. Some of them are small ones like not being able to go out to the movies whenever you want to, and some are bigger like buying the right family car versuses that super cute car you’ve been eying on forever that you really want.

I love my kids and certainly wouldn’t change them for anything in the whole world, but there are some things I came to realize I can’t have because they’re in my life. None of them are important or huge, but there are small, simple things I never realize that would be affected now that I have kids.

Scroll through to see 8 things I can’t keep in the house because I have kids:

  • Light-Colored Furniture or Walls 1 of 8
    Light-Colored Furniture or Walls
    I would love to have a light color scheme in my living room, but that's a no-go thanks to having kids. Unless I want it decorated with finger prints and dirt that will take forever to clean.
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  • Nice Smelling Candles 2 of 8
    Nice Smelling Candles
    I swear my kids are like a moth to the flame. They see a candle going and they must touch... for obvious reasons that can't happen, so out with the candles.
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  • Straws 3 of 8
    They seem harmless enough, but these things will never get thrown in the garbage. Before I know it my whole floor is littered with them, from cups and juice boxes.
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  • Pictures on the Wall 4 of 8
    Pictures on the Wall
    I have a few pictures up on the wall, but there is something about them that seems to attract having something thrown at them or head knocks on them. It's just easier to wait until they're older.
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  • Peace and Quiet 5 of 8
    Peace and Quiet
    Err... what is "quiet"? Anyone know?
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  • Carpet or Area Rug 6 of 8
    Carpet or Area Rug
    For the same reason I can't have light-colored furniture, having a carpet or area rug just asks my kids to spill the reddest food on it possible.
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  • A Coffee Table 7 of 8
    A Coffee Table
    We haven't had a coffee table ever since our kids were around. I don't like the idea of missing teeth, stitches or black eyes from my kids banging their face off it it.
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  • Paint / Glitter / Glue 8 of 8
    Paint / Glitter / Glue
    I would enjoy doing crafty things with my kids, I guess but even having the stuff in the house is dangerous. Even if I think I have the most brilliant hiding space, they will find them when I'm sleeping or doing laundry and well, it would be everywhere.
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