8 Things My Kids Get Away With That I Wish I Could Too

8 Things Only Kids Can Get Away WithI remember when I was about 8-years,-old wishing that I was 10-years old.

When I was 10-years old, I couldn’t wait until I was 13.

Then I wanted to be 16.

Then I wanted to be 18 and and “adult” and before I knew it …. I was.

It’s weird how things go by so quickly and if you don’t slow down time and soak it in, it can go by even faster.

Now that I am 30-years-old, I find myself wishing that I was just a bit younger. I have kids of my own so it’s easier to live through them for some things, but you know. There are just a few things that it seems only kids can get away with… and I wish I could too.¬†

  • Spend the Day Coloring Yourself 1 of 8
    Spend the Day Coloring Yourself
    It's not really that I want to color all over myself, but if you were to see an adult walking around with marker all over their arms, you'd get weird looks. A kid wouldn't get a second glance.
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  • Walk Around With Un-brushed hair 2 of 8
    Walk Around With Un-brushed hair
    I admit, there are more than a few days a week I really don't want to wash, blowdry, flat iron and style my hair. Kids don't have to worry about all that.
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  • Hang Out Au Natural 3 of 8
    Hang Out Au Natural
    Or in just underwear. .. with other people around.
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  • Over or Under Dress 4 of 8
    Over or Under Dress
    Sometimes I just want to wear what I want to wear, appropriate or not. Doesn't work for adults, but kids can pull it off.
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  • Sleep With Stuffed Toys 5 of 8
    Sleep With Stuffed Toys
    I could do it, but would be laughed at to no end from my husband. My daughter on the other hand gets away with it every night.
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  • Stay in Pj’s All Day 6 of 8
    Stay in Pj's All Day
    I can take my kids to the grocery store in their pj's and people smile... if I do it people avoid and stare.
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  • Eat in the Same Food Color 7 of 8
    Eat in the Same Food Color
    Have your kids ever requested all their food be yellow? or White? I could never get away with that.
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  • Pull Off a Bad Haircut 8 of 8
    Pull Off a Bad Haircut
    I tried once and could not do it. My son did once too and yet still managed to look awesome.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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