8 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom of Boys

I know, I know, you’ve caught me complaining about being the only girl in my house, whining about not having a daughter, and witnessed my monster-in-law tendencies firsthand.

The truth is, I love mothering boys.

Whether you’re the mom of all boys, all girls, multiples, a large family, or adoptive children, even well-meaning people prove time and again just how much they suck at conversational banter.

As a member of the MOB (Mom of Boys) club, I hear variations of these 8 obnoxious phrases all the time; check them out after the jump!

  • You need to have a girl 1 of 8
    You need to have a girl
    I need to? Like what will happen if I don't? Is my family then somehow incomplete? Please allow my heart to decide what I "need".
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  • Boys are easier 2 of 8
    Boys are easier
    Really now. You've obviously never seen my sons within 5 feet of each other. I happen to believe personality rather than gender determine the level of difficulty in any relationship, parenting included.
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  • Toy guns make boys aggressive 3 of 8
    Toy guns make boys aggressive
    We may have to agree to disagree on this point. Even the mildest of boys fashions toy guns out of Legos and sticks. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to fish a Nerf bullet outta my bra...
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  • He’s too sensitive 4 of 8
    He's too sensitive
    The whole "Boys don't cry" thing is ridiculous. Boys do cry and then they go play. Let's save the heavy labels and expectations until after puberty; shall we?
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  • Boys aren’t as mature as girls 5 of 8
    Boys aren't as mature as girls
    Or the ever-popular, "Boys are just slower." All that might be well and true but I've seen plenty of little girls exhibit immature behavior. Who cares; they're kids!
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  • Don’t raise him to be an a**hole 6 of 8
    Don't raise him to be an a**hole
    Oh, you mean that's not what I'm supposed to do? Wow, thanks for giving me that very valuable information.
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  • Your boys need to be in sports 7 of 8
    Your boys need to be in sports
    While I believe sports are a valuable experience, some kids have passions outside of the field.
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  • Be glad you have boys 8 of 8
    Be glad you have boys
    I am glad I have boys, but if I had girls I'd be just as glad. All children are a blessing!
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What else shouldn’t people say to a mom of boys?

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