8 TV Shows I Am Glad My Kids Are Over

My kids like to watch TV. They don’t watch a lot of it, but when they do, they’ve always had their favorite TV shows. When they were younger, I would put the TV on during key times during the day when I had too many things to do. When I’m getting breakfast ready, during the dinner chaos and if they’re crazy during the day, it helps wind them down.

I am thankful that there are TV shows that can grab and hold my kids’ attention because those times where I needed it, it really helped. I find that I need to use it less often now since they’re older and have more language skills, plus they understand when I tell them they need to be quiet. Their interests are changing and maturing and their old favorite shows — the ones that would always help when needed — aren’t played in the house very often anymore at all.

My kids’ old favorite shows are great shows and my kids love them, but to be honest, I am glad they’re out of the TV show rotation. After a few years, as they have recycled episode after episode, I am just a little tired of them and happy that we’re on a break.

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    I loved all of these shows at one point, but glad the daily watching days are over. 

  • Dora the Explorer 2 of 9

    I found Dora the Explorer a very entertaining show, for a kid's show. I never minded anything about the repeats, the stares from the character while she awaited our reply and have never sighed at having to watch another episode. I was a little sad to see her go from the TV rotation, but happy that I would learn new lessons without the repeats. "Say CLICK!"

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  • The Fresh Beat Band 3 of 9

    It takes a lot for me to get into TV shows for kids that feature young adults or even adults. This show never quite hit the mark for me and I found it more irritating than entertaining. Overall, it was a good show, but one I am glad to not have to sit through anymore.

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  • Sesame Street 4 of 9

    I watched Sesame Street when I was a kid and was excited to watch again with my kids. While I loved most of the aspects of the show, overtime I grew very tired of one popular red, fuzzy character. I won't be seeking any appearances from him any time soon.

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  • Wonder Pets 5 of 9

    Between the interesting and odd animation to the baby-like voices of the characters, I never really understood the draw to Wonder Pets. My kids sure did and they would live out every adventure in saving creatures along with the adorable trio.

    Want to watch Wonder Pets? Check them out on Nick Jr.

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  • Go, Diego, Go! 6 of 9

    There was a point in our lives where all things had to be Diego for Bean. She loved the show and swore that one day, she would marry him and live in a forest saving helpless animal babies. Those days are gone though.

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  • Max and Ruby 7 of 9

    Okay, I don't know if I will ever miss this show because it was never one of my favorites. My kids would love to watch this and talk back to the TV, trying to correct Ruby or Max as we all collectively wondered where their parents were.

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  • Caillou 8 of 9

    I know there are a lot of parents that complain about Caillou, but he was always a favorite of mine. We would all watch it together in French (I swear, he sounds less whiny in French) and had fun learning along with him. I am sad that he's gone, but happy to not have to watch his show on repeat.

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  • Thomas and Friends 9 of 9

    This was a huge favorite in our house and we all loved to sing the theme song together when it came on. After a while, we started to see the same episodes over and over (and re-watched all the movies again and again), that it was no longer fun for me.

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