8 Unique Ideas to Pull a Loose Tooth – Creative or Crazy? (Video)

We are currently in a holding pattern, waiting for 4 of my son Dylan’s loose teeth to fall out. Every day he has me check their wigglyness to see where we stand on the tooth losing scale. It’s almost like waiting for someone to go into labor. But less exciting and possibly more icky.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to convince him to let me pull his teeth when they reach the appropriate level of looseness. So far he is having none of it.

When this video of a good natured kid using a Nerf gun to pull his own tooth made the rounds last week, Dylan watched it with rapt attention and then shook his head and swore he would never let us pull a tooth like that.


I, of course, took this as a challenge and proceeded to fall down a YouTube wormhole of tooth pulling videos. I am both inspired and completely perplexed by some of the things people come up with.

Growing up, I remember having my dad pull some of my loose teeth out, and also very carefully tying floss to my tooth and then slamming the door. Apparently these days there are a ton of new, cool things for kids to tie their loose teeth to.

You can check out the other tooth pulling videos I came across below.

  • Flying High Dentist 1 of 8
    I can honestly say that I never would have thought to use an airplane to pull a tooth. This dad did, with pretty successful results.
    Watch the full video here
  • Doggy Howser, DDS 2 of 8
    We could never get our dog to sit still long enough for this to work. Tahoe would jump and wiggle so much the tooth would be out long before the ball was thrown.
    Watch the full video here
  • Harley Davidson, DDS 3 of 8
    A motorcycle?! This just seems like overkill.
    Watch the full video here
  • Remote Control Tooth Extractor 4 of 8
    Using a Remote Control Car seems like a pretty safe bet.
    Watch the full video here
  • Rocket Ride 5 of 8
    Tooth extraction via rocket? This is awesome. But what are the chances you'd be able to find the tooth after?
    Watch the full video here
  • Bow and Arrow 6 of 8
    Extra money from the Tooth Fairy if you can hit the Bullseye.
    Watch the full video here
  • These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking 7 of 8
    I imagine you'd have to have some steel toe boots for this to really work. I have visions of a lighter boot just...dangling from the string.
    Watch the full video here
  • Sisters, Sisters…There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters 8 of 8
    These sisters are insanely adorable. I'm not sure my kids would ever trust each other enough to let this happen, though.
    Watch the full video here

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on these ideas and videos? Would you let your kids try them? Would you take a video of it if they did? Have you or your kids tried some other creative way of pulling a loose tooth?

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