8 Valuable Amusement Park Safety Tips to Keep Everyone Smiling

It’s official, the summer heat has made me mad. This week I will be visiting three amusement parks in three consecutive days with my two little people. We’ll be hitting up Sea World, Legoland, and Disneyland like boom, boom, boom. (Post forthcoming.)

As excited as I am to get my thrill on, BooBoo’s safety has me a little nervous. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, over 300 million people visit amusement parks annually in the US! Wows, that’s a lot of people.

As my family becomes four of 300 million, I offer these 8 valuable amusement park safety tips to keep you and your family smiling this summer; check them out after the jump!

1. ID your kid: No parent wants to think about getting separated from their child for even a moment, but it’s best to be prepared in large crowd situations just in case. Check out these ingenious child ID options and make sure your child knows how to identify park employees for help should they become separated.

2. Dress your kid in a bright color: Bright orange or yellow shirts are personal favorites, but don’t allow a bright shirt color to give you a false sense of security. Remain diligent.

3. Pay Attention: Sudden stops, running through crowds, and stumbling over strollers can cause injury to your children and others.

4. Follow ride rules: Make sure your children understand they must keep their arms and legs inside rides at all times (even if no one else does), and remain in their seats until the ride comes to a full and complete stop. Horsing around on an amusement park ride can cause serious injury.

5. Follow ride safety and height restrictions: Safety should remain your top priority. Don’t attempt to cheat theme park rules by making your child appear tall enough to ride. If your child has a health condition, educate yourself on the ride heath restrictions for their own safety.

6. Protect your family from the sun: Use sunscreen to avoid sunburns, even on overcast days. To avoid heat-related illnesses, keep your family well hydrated throughout the day.

7. Stay on the beaten path: Avoid restricted park areas for your own safety.

8. Report potential dangers: Should you see a potential hazard, notify a park employee immediately for the safety of all park guests.

For more great safety tips, visit Parenting Squad and Theme Park Insider.

Do you have any safety tips to add?

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