8 Ways for Restaurant Servers to Earn Big Tips from Parents

We’re restaurant people, always have been. Some people go to movies and concerts for entertainment, we eat.

Since the moment I gave birth, I’ve been trekking my kids out to eat because, well, I’m lazy. But more than that, we’re foodies and restaurants cook better than we do.

On the rare opportunity I dine childfree, my standards for service are pretty forgiving. But when I’m out with two hungry small people, my standards for service soar; I just can’t help it.

Check out these 8 ways for servers to charm the pants (and tips) off patrons with kids after the jump!

  • Bring extra napkins 1 of 8
    Bring extra napkins
    There are simply never enough napkins when dining with children. Bringing us a heaping pile of napkins before we even ask is intuitively awesome and always appreciated.
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  • Keep dessert on the DL 2 of 8
    Keep dessert on the DL
    I know my kid's chicken tenders come with an ice cream sundae, but if he didn't put a serious dent in those tenders, he ain't getting' his sundae on. This mother thanks you for your tantrum mitigation support.
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  • Ask if I want to place my kids’ order 3 of 8
    Ask if I want to place my kids' order
    It's going to take me a while to study the menu and choose a delicious drinky drink, but in the meantime the natives are getting restless. Placing the kids' orders ahead of time makes the entire dining experience more enjoyable for everyone.
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  • Bring the check 4 of 8
    Bring the check
    No parent in a hundred million years will think it's rude that you've brought the bill early. We appreciate the ability to pay and get the hell out of Dodge if things go south.
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  • Don’t reach over my kid’s head to pour coffee 5 of 8
    Don't reach over my kid's head to pour coffee
    Servers, for your safety and the safety of my kids, please do not reach over my children to pour scalding hot coffee. My kids think nothing of flailing their arms in the air for no apparent reason. I'll gladly hand you my mug. Gladly.
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  • Ask about kiddie refills 6 of 8
    Ask about kiddie refills
    I know it's hard to tell if those kiddie drink cups with the top on them are running low. If you'll check in on the beverage situation periodically, we'd be ever so grateful.
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  • Be around 7 of 8
    Be around
    I ordered my kid a plain hamburger and the kitchen brought us a cheeseburger instead. It's always great when our waiter is easily located in the event of an unexpected cheese situation.
    (Side note: What kid doesn't eat cheese? Answer: Mine.)
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  • Clear empty dishes 8 of 8
    Clear empty dishes
    If it's on the table, it's a potential hazard. Clearing the empty glasses, steak knives and finished plates lessens the likelihood of injury and potential damage.
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Hey big tipper, what makes qualities do you appreciate in a server?

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