8 Ways Preschoolers and Sorority Girls are the Same

compositeHey-o! There’s my composite picture circa 2003.

My sophomore year of college, I showed up to the first night of recruitment wearing a khaki skirt, jean jacket, and pearls. I was terrified and skeptical, but I also knew that my college experience needed to be more than pining for my long-distance boyfriend and hours in the business school computer lab. Four days later, I ran across the lawn at UNC-Greensboro to become a member of Alpha Delta Pi. I suppose I’m a stereotypical sorority girl. I’m southern, I love pearls, and I hail from one of the bigger cities in North Carolina with an upper middle class background.

My years as an ADPi were some of the best – I lived with my sisters, ate with them, traveled with them, mended broken hearts with them. I was Vice President and then President, attending my first toga party in a hot pink wrap of fabric. A decade later, I still say that I AM an ADPi, not that I was an ADPi because the love for my sorority never really leaves me.

On the other hand, I’m not above mocking some of the silliness that went down throughout my collegiate years. The formals and the drama and the OMG LET ME GIVE YOU A NICKNAME that I loved so desperately then is simply not a part of my life anymore. But I still look back fondly and so as a parody and tongue-in-cheek love of my ADPi days, here are all the ways preschoolers and sorority girls are the same:

  • They sqeal. A lot. 1 of 8

    Oh, my gosh. THE SQUEALING. It was in college that I perfected my "OMG I LOVE YOOOOU!!! EEEEEE!" that took years to undo, but my four-year-old has his own version of glass-splitting squeals whenever he gets overly excited.

  • They like to paint things. 2 of 8

    T-shirts, sidewalks, signs, construction paper, doesn't matter, sorority girls and preschoolers are equal-opportunity painters. If it's solid, it can be painted. Especially with their names and lots of bright colors.

  • They love stuffed animals. 3 of 8

    My dorm-room, car, bedroom at home...they were covered in "Alphies," aka stuffed lions. Here I am with a life-sized one. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. It's kind of like the basket of stuffies in my kid's room that doesn't include the nine he sleeps with every night.

  • They love to party. 4 of 8

    I have to stop here and say that my sorority experience went FAR beyond fraternity parties. In fact, parties were barely a drop in the bucket in comparison to the sisterhood and the philanthropy and yes, even the studying (we had to keep a high GPA to remain active, well over a 3.0).  But the parties were fun - I'm not going to deny that. It was great to see the invites flood in and my four-year-old feels the same about birthday invitations. Bounce houses are the new toga parties in my life.

  • They love to wear the same tshirts. 5 of 8

    When I was in a sorority, my entire wardrobe consisted of sorority t-shirts, from "party shirts" (aka t-shirts with our name on it from specific events like Bid Day) to "letters," which were Greek letters stitched across my chest. I wore them day after day, quite a bit like my son wanting to wear shirts with trucks every day. Trying for a basic Gap tee on him? No thanks, unless it has a construction truck on it.

  • They love face paint. 6 of 8

    Bid Day, Greek Week, Recruitment, random parties that I barely remember...face paint was a staple. Guess who also loves face paint? My four year old. I wonder if he'll grow out of it by the time he's 20, unlike his mother?

  • They love getting dressed up. 7 of 8

    Formals! Semi-formals! Date parties! Fraternity parties! I had dresses for every occasion known to man. On the plus side, I never dressed up like a giraffe...unlike my four-year-old, who has a penchant for being a giraffe, Batman, baby kitty, or Spiderman.

  • They love to sing. 8 of 8

    I'm not kidding when I tell you that we "sororitized" every song known to mankind. Summer of 69, American Pie, Glamorous by Fergie, and even some religious songs. We inserted our sorority name and mascot and used them to woo new girls every year at recruitment. And IT WAS AWESOME. We had so much fun learning the songs, making up chants, and generally being silly. Now my singing days are full of Jewel and "Sammy the Spider," plus teaching Harry the silly versions of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Jingle Bells."

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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