8 Ways to Make Your Beach Day Memorable

8 Ways to Make Your Beach Day MemorableMy family and I are planning a weekend trip to the beach later this month. Usually by this point in the summer season we have already been to the shore more than once. (It’s so close by!) But this year life has gotten in the way. Thus far, our Saturdays and Sundays ┬áhave been filled with home projects that just couldn’t wait, children’s birthday parties, and the weddings of friends. All good fun in their own right, but to me it’s not officially summer until I’ve let the ocean breeze make a mockery of my hair and sand has invaded everything we own.

Our vacation is still in the planning stages. My husband and I are deciding which beach we like best and debating whether we want to spring for oceanfront or save a little cash and stay across the street. I’m taking stock of our beach necessities — swimwear, sand toys, sunblock — and making a list of what we have left over from last year and what needs restocking.

I’m also making a list of the things I want to do with the kids while we’re there. Sometimes vacations as a parent can seem like more work than rest and relaxation. I have to remind myself to slow down. Forget the stress and enjoy the simple things.

Here are just a few things on my beach day to do list that I hope will make this vacation one of the most memorable yet for our family:

  • Watch for wildlife 1 of 8
    Watch for wildlife
    Dolphins, crabs, turtles, seagulls, and fish -- the beach can be better than a trip to the zoo. Spend some time admiring nature with your children.
  • Capture the moment 2 of 8
    Capture the moment
    Give your kids a waterproof camera and turn them loose! It will be fun for them to play photographer and even more fun for you to see the beach through their eyes when you develop the film. You can even make a scrapbook of their photos later using Wendy's handy scrapbooking app and share it with friends and family on Facebook.
  • Fly a kite 3 of 8
    Fly a kite
    The weather is always right for kite flying at the beach. Take full advantage of that ocean breeze!
  • Search for seashells 4 of 8
    Search for seashells
    Seashells are the souvenir of your trip that nature provides. Grab a bucket and find a few to save as memories of your summer getaway.
  • Have a picnic 5 of 8
    Have a picnic
    Maximize your hours by the shore by packing a picnic lunch. Make sure to bring along your family's favorites. My children love sandwich wraps while I prefer a fresh salad in the summer heat. (Wendy's new Berry Almond Chicken Salad is my current favorite.) Don't forget to pack utensils!
  • Write a message in the sand 6 of 8
    Write a message in the sand
    Practicing your penmanship is so much more fun when writing in sand. Don't you think?
  • Have a bonfire 7 of 8
    Have a bonfire
    Toasting marshmallows is a hallmark of summer. Invite a few friends and make it a party.
  • Explore a pier 8 of 8
    Explore a pier
    Everything is more interesting from a new angle. Take your kids for an ice cream cone and a walk along the pier.

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