8 Ways You Can Encourage Your Kids to Get Along

8 Ways You Can Encourage Your Kids to Get AlongI have two brothers and one sister and they are my best friends in the whole world. I talk to them multiple times a week and sometimes even daily. I can’t imagine how live would be without them and I am so thankful that we all get along so well.

We often hear about sibling fights, sibling¬†rivalry¬†and while this is certainly the case for some families, my siblings and I have always been really close. We’re close in age which I personally think helps, but my parents also made some parenting decisions that helped encourage the positive relationship between all of us.

I hope the same thing for my kids too — it’s one of the reasons we have as many kids as we do because they can be a lifelong built in support group and that’s important. While I understand that things may not always be as smooth-going as they are now, I am happy that my kids get along as well as they do already. I hope with some gentle encouragement along the way they will always be as close as they are now & your kids can be too!

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  • Love Their Differences 1 of 8
    Love Their Differences
    Love each of your kids for who they are and they will get along better. Allow your children to be who they really are and they will grow loving each others strengths.
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  • Don’t Always Jump In 2 of 8
    Don't Always Jump In
    Kids will argue and fight and allowing them to do this a bit before being a 'referee' can help them get along. They will learn how to communicate with each other and work out situations between them.
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  • Make Family Important 3 of 8
    Make Family Important
    Make family important and your kids will follow suit. Make it a priority to attend each other's sport competitions, recitals etc and be each other's cheering squad.
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  • Expect it A Bit 4 of 8
    Expect it A Bit
    You can expect some sibling tension from time to time and realize that is okay.
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  • Play For Fun 5 of 8
    Play For Fun
    and not for wins all the time. While it's a good thing to each the kids the value of working hard to win and how to lose graciously, there are times where it's better to play for fun.
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  • Make One-On-One Time 6 of 8
    Make One-On-One Time
    Kids love parents attention and making sure you spend that alone time with each of them is important. It's also important to remember to do the same for both parents if they're in the picture.
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  • Avoid Comparisons 7 of 8
    Avoid Comparisons
    One of the fastest ways to get your kids to not get along is to compare them to each other. Avoid saying things like "Well, Billy would never do that" and really keep in the forefront that they are all individuals.
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  • Keep Rules Consistent 8 of 8
    Keep Rules Consistent
    While keeping in mind the different ages, be sure to keep rules consistent between each child so that someone doesn't get away with something while the other child can't They will notice these things and play on them.
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