9 Best Toys & Activities to Help Strengthen Fine Motor Movement

Since he was a very small baby, Speed has shown some pretty strong signs of sensory sensitivity. He has never liked getting dirty (like will tantrum) and he has always been intrigued (or upset) by certain textures. He doesn’t like anything touching the tops of his feet or the top of his head, and it’s just really who he is.

Along with that comes some issues with fine motor movements, coupled with hyper-flexible joints he can have a hard time doing some tasks that may seem quite simple. We modify the buttons and zippers on his clothing to help him become a bit more independent in that regard, but we are also constantly working on increasing the strength in his fingers, hands and wrists.

I have done a lot of reading and with the support of his great teachers from school, there have been a lot of successful activity suggestions that helps him strengthen this skill. He doesn’t know he’s ‘working’ because he has fun playing these activities, but working it’s doing.

Click through for my top suggestions of toys and activities to help your child strengthen their fine motor movements:

  • Play Doh 1 of 9
    Play Doh
    Play doh (or a gluten free equivalent) has been suggested to us by Speed's teachers to help strengthen the muscles in his hand and wrist.
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  • Lego 2 of 9
    Speed's absolute favorite toy to play with, Lego helps him use great eye/hand coordination to get the pieces in the perfect spot. Also, holding the small pieces in his hand helps increase his strength.
    Source: Sensory Processing Disorder
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  • Lite Brite 3 of 9
    Lite Brite
    Comprised with small pieces that you have to carefully push into place, Lite Brite's are fun for the kids and also helps strengthen their muscles thanks to the small pieces.
    Source: Sensory Processing Disorder
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  • Crayons 4 of 9
    Nearly all houses with kids have some type of crayon in their house. Speed has been working with crayons for years training his muscles to pinch properly and give just the right amount of pressure to color.
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  • Bead Set 5 of 9
    Bead Set
    Speed's sister (Raru) got a bead set for her birthday and Speed loves to help her with them. Holding the small pieces alone is great work, but when you combine that with the careful task of threading them onto the string, it's the perfect activity.
    Source: Sensory Processing Disorder
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  • Perplexus 6 of 9
    Speed loves this game! Holding it in his hands and carefully and slowly moving to get the ball to go where it has to works the muscles in his lower arm and wrist.
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  • Blocks 7 of 9
    Any time you get an activity where you have to hold small things in your hands and move carefully, you will get the perfect activity for fine motor movements. Speed loves to use wooden blocks like this set.
    Source: Sensory Processing Disorder
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  • Snappers 8 of 9
    Popping the pieces into place is not something that comes easy to Speed, but they are fun to play with and helps his strengthen.
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  • Operation Board Game 9 of 9
    Operation Board Game
    Now, I am not sure if Speed would love the real operation game (he gets queezy), but this fun one would help his motor movements greatly. Pinching the tweezers and moving slowly works the perfect muscles.
    Source: Sensory Processing Disorder
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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