9 Reasons My Family Loved Mickey’s Halloween Party (and Yours Will Too!)

Last Friday, my family was granted admission to Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort just so I could tell you all about it. Tough gig, right?

But I’m a professional, y’all (stop laughing). I had a job to do, and that was experiencing absolutely everything Mickey’s Halloween Party had to offer in the hopes of giving you a front row seat to all the magic – and trust me, there was so much magic to be had!

  • Oh Mickey, you’re so fine! 1 of 23

    Let's take a look at 9 reasons my family loved Mickey's Halloween Party (and yours will too)!

  • Reason #1: Togetherness 2 of 23

    Sure, we live together, but rarely do we have an opportunity to just play. Mickey's Halloween Party is all about celebrating the season in a spooky (but not too scary) way that's fun for the whole family!

  • VIP’s 3 of 23

    As part of Mickey's Halloween Party family blogger event, we got fancy badges that made the kids feel like true VIP's.

  • Reason #2: Disney characters in costume! 4 of 23

    Mickey's Halloween Party invites families to attend the park dressed in costume (I know, we totally should have) to join their favorite characters who are also in costume! Look at Chip! Or is that Dale...

  • Reason #3: Halloween Carnival 5 of 23

    Disneyland knows how to celebrate the magic of the fall season in style. From incredible music and pumpkin carvings to stunning autumnal decor at every turn, we all felt the magic all around us at the Halloween Carnival.

  • Live animals 6 of 23

    We found a petting zoo, and a wide variety of beautiful animals to admire.

  • Smile boys! 7 of 23

    Kick-start the fall season in style at Disneyland; the pictures and memories are priceless!

  • Great music 8 of 23

    The Halloween Carnival in Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland has food, music, crafts, animals, and also serves as the home of Pirates League!

  • Reason #4: Pirates League 9 of 23

    At Pirates League, guests age three and older get transformed into one of four pirate transformation choices:  Jake and the Never Land Pirates, First Mate, Empress, and a Ghost Pirate! Here BooBoo's deciding which pirate is right for him. I spy Disney Resort's own Michelle Harker, Merchandise Marketing & Communications Project Manager (and close personal friend from college) in the background helping BooBoo decide.

  • Witness the piratey transformation! 10 of 23

    My, what big eyebrows you have! Any guesses as to which pirate character BooBoo chose?

  • Getting the first mate treatment 11 of 23

    I have to say, BooBoo was treated so special in that chair. The team member who made him over was a star!

  • Figure it out yet? 12 of 23

    Next came the signature red bandana and hair! Any guesses?

  • Ahoy! 13 of 23

    It's Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Yo ho, way to go!

  • A closer look 14 of 23

    Included in the Pirates League adventure package comes all kinds of cool accessories, click here to find out more and make a reservation for your budding pirate!

  • Reason #5: So much to see and do! 15 of 23

    From Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade to Cadaver Dans to the Piratepalooza Show at Rancho del Zocalo and "Halloween Screams" fireworks, there's something special for everyone all night long!

  • Cadaver Dans 16 of 23

    Please forgive the quality of this mobile pic, but check out the Cadaver Dans on the Rivers of America! They perform four times each evening.

  • Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade 17 of 23

    Come one, come all and check out your favorite Disney characters in costume on parade! BooBoo was most excited to see Goofy.

  • Reason #6: Ride transformations 18 of 23

    Space Mountain underwent a spooktacular transformation to Ghost Galaxy as part of Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort. One of the ghosts even tries to pluck you from your seat! Check it out by clicking here! The Haunted Mansion also got a holiday makeover! Check here to see what's new!

  • Reason #7: Meet & Greets with beloved characters 19 of 23

    Jack Skellington was only one of the many, many beloved characters strategically placed throughout the park for autograph signings, photo opps, and yes, even big hugs. Can I just tell you that Darth Vader was so totally huge? OMG, my kids were ah-mazed!

  • Reason #8: Monsters University Dance Party 20 of 23

    I only wish BooBoo would have allowed me to take a picture of him dancing with all our favorite monsters to the infectious grooves pumping through the speakers. He was having the time of his young life on the dance floor!

  • Reason #9: Everything else 21 of 23

    It's really hard to capture such a magical family experience in a series of pictures and captions, but Mickey's Halloween Party was seriously one of the greatest family experiences we've had in a while. Filled with smiles, laughter, amazement, and lasting memories, I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to experience the spirit of the season Disney style!

  • Honorary Citizen 22 of 23

    Disneyland staff have the most wonderful way of making every guest feel special.  Here Boy Wonder proudly displays his Honorary Citizen button.

  • Such happy faces 23 of 23

    Mickey's Halloween Party brought my kids together for five hours without fighting! Disney magic, it's real, people.


Remember, Mickey’s Halloween Party is a special limited-time only event; click here for all the details!

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