9 Secrets for Becoming Your Babysitter’s Favorite Family

Good babysitters are a hot commodity. Everybody wants one because everybody needs one.

If you’ve been lucky enough to find your very own junior Mary Poppins, grab on and never let go (figuratively, of course). Our family hasn’t found our perfect sitter yet, but when we find her (and we’ll find her), she’ll become an instant member of our family.

There are 9 secrets for becoming your babysitter’s favorite family; check them out after the jump!

  • Be home on time 1 of 9
    Be home on time
    Your babysitter has a life too. Honor your established return time and if you're going to be late, be sure to let your babysitter know.
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  • Let your kids know what you expect from them 2 of 9
    Let your kids know what you expect from them
    Just because Mom and Dad are gone for the evening doesn't mean your kids should play the babysitter like a clueless substitute teacher. Unruly kids will never make your family a babysitter's favorite.
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  • Establish ground rules 3 of 9
    Establish ground rules
    Establishing mutually agreed upon ground rules on everything from bed times to appropriate television programming can help avoid potential problems and keep everyone smiling.
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  • Stock your fridge 4 of 9
    Stock your fridge
    No doubt your babysitter is working up an appetite caring for your kids. Give her more than ramen and pickles to snack on.
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  • Acknowledge her 5 of 9
    Acknowledge her
    Recognizing your babysitter goes a long way. Never let a birthday, special holiday, or graduation pass without giving your children the opportunity to make her feel special.
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  • Pay her well and on time 6 of 9
    Pay her well and on time
    Whatever the going rate for babysitters, add an extra dollar or two per hour. Think of it as an insurance policy for her future availability.
    (Small price to pay if you ask me.)
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  • Ask for her advice 7 of 9
    Ask for her advice
    It can be hard for busy parents to come up with fresh solutions to common kid problems. Asking your babysitter for advice will make her feel like a valued asset to your family - which she is!
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  • Brag to her parents 8 of 9
    Brag to her parents
    Let your babysitter's parents know just how much you appreciate the hard work and dedication she's given to your family. It will make them feel good, you feel good, and most of all, your babysitter feel good.
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  • Make her part of your family 9 of 9
    Make her part of your family
    Invite your babysitter to your kids' birthday parties, school programs, and summer cookouts. Your kids will be thrilled to show off their favorite sitter!
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How do you keep your babysitter happy?

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