9 Things Every Single Mom Needs To Know

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 3.49.46 PMA few tidbits of tried and true single mom advice from Christine Coppa

9. (Warning: Shy readers look away.) You need a casual sex buddy, because you have no time to nurture a relationship—that is until your child leaves for college. Ah, but be careful. Check out these tips over at 

8. Your ex’s new GF/wife is NOT a she-devil. She’s pretty, nice to your kid and successful—and thin. Here are some co-parenting tips on

7. Birth control is your friend. Use it!

6. When your boyfriend breaks up with you, there will be no time to grieve, because you need to teach your kid how to tie his shoelaces, practice sight words and reading, take him to the dentist, baseball practice, host a play-date, cook dinner, go to work, go to the grocery store and pay the bills. (The distraction is actually a plus!) Breaking up is hard to do. Wa-Wa-Wa!! Read about my experience on 

5. Lorelie Gilmore made it look easy, sweet-as-pie and like you’ll be BFF with your kid. LIES.

4. Your child is gonna ask about his absent parent. (Here’s how to answer those tough Qs) Say nice things and bitch him out to your friend later over a glass of vino.

3. Child support is your child’s right—not a grievance against your ex, some plot to destroy his credit score, or piss off his new wife.  CHILD SUPPORT IS NOT YOUR MAD MONEY! 

2. You’re your child’s one-woman circus and he adores you even when he calls you “mean-mommy!”


Single moms, share some silly, take it with a grain of salt advice. Keep it light! XOXOXO 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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