9 Things I Am Not Looking Forward To As My Kids Get Older

9 Things I Am Not Looking Forward To As My Kids Get OlderThere is so much to look forward to as my kids get older. I love how much they’ve changed already and how we’ve been able to watch them grow, learn, and develop into the fun characters they are now.

I am hoping to get at least 70 more years with them in my life (yes, I want to live to at least 100-years-old) and I am excited to see what the future brings us. I am looking forward to high school, their first loves, marriages, having their own children (oh, grand kids!!) and all the in-between awesome things, too.

I will admit though that there are some things I am really not looking forward to. They are basically inevitable, and we welcome them to come into our lives, but I am not excited about it… in the least!

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  • Teen Angst 1 of 9
    Teen Angst
    We all hear about it and I know that with all the hormones surging, it's going to happen. I just hope it's not too bad for them (and us).
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  • Perfumes/Body Sprays 2 of 9
    Perfumes/Body Sprays
    I am not a fan of strong scents — good or bad. Teenagers that I am in contact with seem to love over-spraying. I am not looking forward to both the conversation that they need deodorant and the one that they're using too much.
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  • The Phone Bill 3 of 9
    The Phone Bill
    Going to be different now than it was when I was growing up, but either way the phone bill is going to get expensive. At least we don't have to pay per text with our phone plans...
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  • Homework I Don’t Understand 4 of 9
    Homework I Don't Understand
    It's going to come sooner than I will realize, since it's all going to be in a language I don't understand.
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  • The Recorder 5 of 9
    The Recorder
    The noise of that thing just makes my brain hurt. I know that it will come and there's not much I can do to stop it.
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  • Their First Crush/Love 6 of 9
    Their First Crush/Love
    I am afraid of their heartache and them getting hurt or falling hard for someone. I just want it to be simple for them.
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  • PMS x 3 7 of 9
    PMS x 3
    With a house of three girls, it's going to get interesting once they all start PMS-ing. Hopefully it won't get too uncomfortable around here. I
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  • Awkward School Dances 8 of 9
    Awkward School Dances
    I don't understand the dances, I am not sure if they will still be happening when my kids get to that age, but it just seems so painful! Finding a date, being disappointed, the dress shopping ... not something I am looking forward to.
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  • Not Needing Me or Being Embarrassed 9 of 9
    Not Needing Me or Being Embarrassed
    I know there will be a day they don't need me and I know that will mean I have done a good job, I just don't know if I will be ready for that. I also am not looking forward to the time where they will not want to be around me in public. No longer will they run to me once they get off the school bus.
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