9 Things I Wish I Could Say To My Kids, But Probably Shouldn’t

9 Things I Wish I Could Say To My Kids, But Probably Shouldn'tWe’re pretty much all brought up being told that it’s not good to lie. As we grow, we start to learn about appropriate times to lie or bend the truth or those little white lies that are usually not harmful and done to spare feelings.

There are some things that I won’t lie to my kids about if they ask and we’re a family who cares about language and like to use appropriate terms for things. If they want to know where babies come from — I’ll tell them and not make up something because they’re young. We have an “if they’re curious we will talk about it” policy and I think my kids will grow up knowing that they can come to us with anything — I hope so anyway.

All that said, there are some things I do keep from my kids hoping they won’t flat out ask because of our “if they ask” policy I will have to tell and these ‘secrets’ I would prefer to keep for the sanity of myself … and the household.

Click through to read 9 things I wish I could say to my kids, but probably shouldn’t:

  • I Am Not In Here to Use It 1 of 9
    I Am Not In Here to Use It
    If I had to tell the kids the truth about why I head to the washroom about the same time every day -- about 20 minutes after they get home from school, I'd have to be honest and say I am in there because they're being too loud and it's quiet in there.
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  • Nope, That’s Not The Real Time 2 of 9
    Nope, That's Not The Real Time
    If one day my kids came to me and asked why the clock in their bedroom is different than my room, I would have to tell them the truth... that I have their clock an hour ahead so they sleep sooner.
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  • Yes, Carrots Are Gross 3 of 9
    Yes, Carrots Are Gross
    If my kids asked me the truth about cooked carrots I would have to tell them that yes, I hate them too but still make you eat them.
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  • I Know Where Your Halloween Candy Went 4 of 9
    I Know Where Your Halloween Candy Went
    I would have to be truthful and tell my kids that I have been sneaking some of their Halloween candy -- that's not going to happen.
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  • Nope, I Didn’t See 5 of 9
    Nope, I Didn't See
    You know sometimes your child asks, "did you see that" and you say "yes" because you're working on too many things at once, I don't always see but said I did.
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  • No, They’re Not Real 6 of 9
    No, They're Not Real
    I do not believe in the whole idea of telling kids that Santa and the Tooth Fairy are real. If it was up to me, I would tell them the truth right now , but it's important to my husband. If they were to ask me straight out I would have to tell them the truth.
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  • I Ate Them 7 of 9
    I Ate Them
    If my kids came to me and asked if I knew where all the cookies went I would have to tell them I ate them... all.
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  • Yes, There Were Veggies In There 8 of 9
    Yes, There Were Veggies In There
    I like to hide vegetables in the kids spaghetti. I grate them up small so they don't see them and I'm going to keep that a secret as long as I can.
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  • I Don’t Save it All 9 of 9
    I Don't Save it All
    I feel bad about this one, but no child -- I don't keep all your artwork. I do think it's all amazing, but there just isn't enough space in the world to safe every piece... but I hope to not have to tell them that one.
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