9 Things Not To Say to a Mom of a Picky Eater

My 10 year old is a  picky eater, which means that often when we have a meal with Other People, they feel compelled to make some sort of comment about that my kid is a picky eater.

It’s a little odd that they feel so free to say something about it, since I’ve managed to restrain myself and not say “well, it certainly seems that you’ve overcome whatever hesitation you may have had about eating everything in sight!”

Generally, I think it’s rude to comment on people’s eating habits, and the fact that we’re talking about a child doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

Here is a list of what not to say to a mom of a picky eater, based almost entirely on comments that I’ve received in the past.

Bon appétit!

1. Has he always been picky? No, just since this afternoon. It’s uncanny!

2. I read that you should introduce one new food a week.  Yes, I’ve read all the books, thanks.

3. Aren’t you worried that he’ll be malnourished if he doesn’t eat a cucumber/tofu/melon/fish? No. According to his pediatrician, he is getting enough nutrients.

4. Isn’t it boring not to try new foods? Probably.  But he’s on a baseball team, has a Wii and friends. So I’m guessing he gets his entertainment in other ways.

5.  Didn’t you breastfeed? I did.

6. You probably didn’t nurse him long enough and that stunted his palate. Oh, shut up.

7. If you left him with me, he’d eat everything after a week.  Yes, let’s do that on June Neverteenth.

8.  Bribe him to eat new food. Sure, that sounds normal.

9. Give him his dinner and if he doesn’t eat it, give him the same plate for breakfast and for lunch. That’s a great idea! Not at all psychotic!

Do you have a picky eater?  What are some of the things that you are tired of hearing?


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