9 Things That Seem Impossible to Keep Track Of With Kids Around

9 Things Kids Always LoseI am not really a forgetful person. I can name off every family member’s (extended included!) birthdays and can pretty much always keep track of all my stuff. I am not highly organized (still working on that part), but I don’t find it difficult to keep track of the things I know I’ll need — like my keys.

The same can’t really be said for my kids. I don’t know if it’s an age/stage thing, or if they are taking more after their dad in this department, but it drives me a little crazy. It’s not just one child either — it’s all three of them. They’re always losing the same things.

Check out 9 things that seem to be impossible to keep track of when you have kids:

  • Socks 1 of 9
    I can never seem to find them when I need them. I swear I have a million pairs of their socks, but when we're running late they are impossible to find. No idea what my kids do with them.
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  • One Shoe 2 of 9
    One Shoe
    It's always one shoe too. Not both so your kid can just wear another pair, but you have a few pairs of only one shoe.
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  • Their Favorite Blanket They Can’t Sleep Without 3 of 9
    Their Favorite Blanket They Can't Sleep Without
    It always seems to be the important things my kids can never keep track of. Nightly we're searching random places for them.
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  • Scissors 4 of 9
    I guess the kids walk off with them or I hide them so they stop grabbing at them, but it's always hard to find scissors around here.
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  • Pen or Pencil 5 of 9
    Pen or Pencil
    I buy them, a lot more than I think I need and yet can never find them. It's super frustrating during the morning when I have to sign something for school.
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  • Building Block Pieces 6 of 9
    Building Block Pieces
    I always find them in the middle of the night, under my foot in some random place in the house. It's mean.
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  • Library Books or Homework 7 of 9
    Library Books or Homework
    I have a rule that the kids can't take the library books upstairs, but it never seems to matter. They go missing
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  • The TV/Blu-Ray Remote 8 of 9
    The TV/Blu-Ray Remote
    I a pretty sure it likes to hide between the couch cushions just to get away from the kids.
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  • One Mitten 9 of 9
    One Mitten
    Every winter, multiple times... every kid. And of course both mittens don't disappear, it's always one.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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