9 Vacation Essentials, According to My 5-Year-Old

We’re about to go on a vacation to the beach, something my 5-year-old daughter Annabel has been looking forward to for months. As I’ve been making my lists of what to bring along, she’s insisted that she can pack for herself. So I decided to let her, just to see what she’d consider essential for a week-long beach vacation. The results were pretty hilarious!

1. Books by her favorite author … herself


Annabel: “These are the books that I’ve made. These are the bedtime stories my dad reads me at night. I need them to fall asleep.”

Mom: “She makes up stories about her favorite TV and movie characters, and then my husband reads them to her every night. She recites the words along with him!”

2. A few “favorite” toys


Annabel: “These are my favorite toys. I’m bringing them because I just love ’em, and also because the middle one talks.”

Mom: “These are also her newest toys, which is probably not a coincidence.”

3. Some slick cans


Annabel: “These are my headphones. I’m bringing them because when we’re on the plane, I don’t want anyone to hear what I’m listening to. It’s a secret.”

Mom: “I’m pretty curious about this. Is she going to bring an iPod? It’s a mystery.”

4. Toys for the beach


Annabel: “This is my sand pail. I’m bringing it because I am going to play at the beach!”

Mom: “This is the first practical thing she’s wanted to bring!”

5. A coloring book


Annabel: “This is my coloring book. I’m bringing it because it’s my favorite coloring book, and I like to color in it when my baby brother gets loud.”

Mom: “Well, coloring can be therapeutic! Of course, it helps to pack crayons … ”

6. A sweet outfit


Annabel: “This is my bathing suit and my sunglasses. I’m bringing it because it’s the beach, duh!”

Mom: “Finally, something she actually needs!”

7. Glamorous accessories


Annabel: “These are my head bobbers. I’m bringing them because I want to look fancy … and also because it might make people think I’m an alien.”

Mom: “Honestly, she’ll likely wear these more than her sunglasses.”

8. Bandaids


Annabel: “These are my band-aids. I’m bringing them because I fall down a lot.”

Mom: “Hahaha, that’s true. I’ll be bringing a pack myself!”

9. A best buddy


Annabel: “I can’t forget my little brother!”

Mom: “Well, she didn’t bring any underwear or clothes, or her toothbrush, but none of those things are as important as her partner in crime.”

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