9 Ways Being a Bridesmaid Is Like Being a Mom

I think I might be over the hump of excessive bridesmaidom (fingers crossed).

From my late 20’s to my early 30’s I’ve served as bridesmaid enough to earn me a closet full of taffeta. And as fun as weddings can be, a girl can only groove to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang so many times.

While being asked to be a bridesmaid is indeed a tremendous honor, it’s also an expensive and time-consuming one. Gee, being a bridesmaid sounds a little bit like being a mother, and by “a little bit” I mean a whole, whole bunch.

Check out these 9 ways being a bridesmaid is like being a mom after the jump!

  • Carrying someone else’s stuff 1 of 9
    Carrying someone else's stuff
    Whether you're carrying the bride's train, a bouquet, a child's toy, or a baggie of goldfish crackers, you're forever carrying someone else's crap.
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  • Looking like a train wreck 2 of 9
    Looking like a train wreck
    The true friend you are looks beyond the unflattering cut and horrid color of her bridesmaid's dress and a mom looks beyond her stretch marks and saggy boobs. The things we do for love.
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  • Helping get dressed 3 of 9
    Helping get dressed
    Bridesmaids and mothers alike are always lacing something, helping someone pee, and fastening itty bitty buttons.
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  • Protecting them from themselves 4 of 9
    Protecting them from themselves
    From protecting the bride from herself at her bachelorette party to protecting your child from certain danger, vigilance remains your primary responsibility.
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  • Totally broke 5 of 9
    Totally broke
    The honor of being in a wedding will cost you and so will the honor of being a mom. The only thing more expensive than being a bridesmaid and being a mother? Being a bridesmaid and a mother simultaneously.
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  • Not the center of attention 6 of 9
    Not the center of attention
    Bridesmaids stand back to let their dear friend shine. Moms do the same for their children, with pride.
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  • Master organizer 7 of 9
    Master organizer
    Your bridesmaidly mission (should you choose to accept it) is to be the keeper of the bride's thank you card list, appointments, and master organizer at large. Sure sounds like the job of a mom to me!
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  • Pooped out 8 of 9
    Pooped out
    Mothering and bridesmaiding are the most exhausting, demanding, and fun jobs around.
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  • Driving you to drink 9 of 9
    Driving you to drink
    Whether to numb the pain of wearing an expensive unflattering dress or to drown out the whining, moms and bridesmaids know how to get their drink on.
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How else is being a bridesmaid like being a mom?

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