9 Ways to Be a Money-Saving Ninja For Halloween

Hands up, who wants to be a Money-Saving Ninja for Halloween?

Oh, it’s easy, and you don’t even really need a costume, you just need some common sense. You can save money on everything from costumes to candy. If you just think about it and get a little resourceful, you can save money at Halloween.

The best part? The kids won’t even know or care, because these money-saving tips for Halloween are great tricks that will still give your kids all the treats they expect.

  • Money Saving Ninja 1 of 10

    Here's 9 tricks to help you save on treats.

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  • Recycle Your Candy 2 of 10

    You really want an extreme cheapskate approach to Halloween? Check this out: send the kids out early, like first on the block. Have them hit a few dozen houses and circle back. They dump their load at home and then head out for a second round. You take that first stash and then stock your own candy bowl at home. BOOM! Your neighbors just did your candy shopping for you!

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  • Get Treats That Can Do Other Tricks 3 of 10

    Candy is candy. You're either going to eat it, or the kids are. We are serving Play-Doh this year, and we bought it a few weeks ago. Bonus points because: we're not picking through it and reducing our stash before Halloween, and we won't be eating the leftovers after Halloween. With Play-Doh we have stuff that we can use for loot bags, birthday parties, or just around the house. Try to buy things that have other uses than just Halloween.

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  • Take Care and Hand-Me-Down, Then Re-Sell It 4 of 10

    A good Halloween costume can cost you $30-$50. That sounds like a lot, but if you keep it clean, wear it the once or twice that it requires and store it properly, you can probably sell it for 75% of what you paid for it. That's a HUGE deal, especially if you can hand-me-down your costumes through your kids. What sounds expensive, when amortized, is actually a great deal.

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  • Craigslist 5 of 10

    See the point above. You don't always have to buy them new. This time of year, Craiglist, Facebook, and Kijiji are filled with ads for people selling costumes the kids have grown out of. Get a head start searching and you'll get best selection and quality. And at the same time, you can use these methods to sell your old costumes and probably get a fresh roster for next to nothing!

  • Homemade Halloween Costumes 6 of 10

    There are many resources on Babble to get creative and whip up a DIY costume for you or the kids with things you already have around the home.

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  • Eat Your Jack-O-Lantern 7 of 10

    If you just draw on your pumpkin, or stick Mr Potato Head type things in it, you don't have to toss it in the garbage on November 1... you can roast it! Then dig though a list of great recipes that could have you making pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bacon pasta, pumpkin pancakes..

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  • Buy Your Costumes In November 8 of 10

    We have big orange and black bins and big red and green storage bins. We buy after the season for the next season. This includes decorations, cute tshirts, everything. You buy it and put it in the storage bin and then next year you pull it out and it's just like you bought it brand new!

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  • Get 2 Years Out of It 9 of 10

    If you buy the costume a little bit big, there's a chance you could get a second year out of it. Our 6yr old is very eager to go a second round with last year's dinosaur costume, and his brother can't wait to grow into it. There's a chance we could get 4 seasons out of this one $40 costume. Deal!

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  • Mom Swaps And Swapping With Moms 10 of 10

    My wife likes to go to community centers to buy and sell our old kids' clothes. Another twist on the Mom Swap though, is actually swapping with your other mom friends. Do hand-me-downs across families so that it's not always big brother/sister costumes handed down to your little ones, but something fresh in the family photos.

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