A First for Everything: Fishing

I am 31 and I went fishing for the first time on … Saturday. What can I say? I was a girly-girl growing up (cringe). I took dance, did cheerleading and lived for my golden retriever. We went on epic walks. Anyway, JD has been begging me to go fishing forever and more so, since he got Leo Jack Coppa for his birthday.

Uncle Carlo to the rescue! We drove down the shore on Saturday. I knew what was going down, but JD thought it was going to be a typical beach day! Instead we went fishing. After the jump, some cutie-pie pics.










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Lesson: I learned that love is not black and white, or how we pictured it would be. People mistook the three of us as a little, young, happy family on that dock that cool, sunny day. Mommy, daddy and kiddo. It was creepy, but OK, because Carlo and JD are just naturals — there is nothing forced. This is no nudging JD off my leg to his uncle. We don’t choose our family, is what I always say.

The boys cast out. I sat on the dock and sunned … no really. I let JD have his moment with his uncle. His uncle knows how to fish and it was beautiful to see the guys having their time, but not missing the magic either and before I knew it, I was in on it, too.

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A fish I did not catch, but Carlo and JD caught a total of 12! JD was very good about releasing Leo’s friends back into the creek.









By the time we left we were all smelly with fish and had “worm poop” as Uncle Carlo called it on our shirts. “I will never forget this day, Uncle Car,” I heard JD say as Carlo hoisted him into his booster.

And that’s what it’s all about. Real life.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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