A 4-Year-Old’s Definitive List of Favorite Movies

As a mom, winter is not my friend.

In the summer I’m the cool mom at the pool with sandwiches and snacks in the cooler. I’m the mom that spends Saturday mornings at the park before it gets too warm, and lazy evenings on the back deck, eating dinner and watching fireflies. I’m the mom with ice cream in the freezer and a don’t-care attitude when it comes to wearing shoes in the yard.

But in the winter, all of that disappears. I trudge in from the gym at 6pm and it’s already dark and cold. My son is still wound up from daycare, but he’s also burnt out on practicing letters and playing with cars and blocks — I mean, he did that all day. So what he wants more than anything is to veg out in front of the television.

I feel like I need to pause right here and put up a disclaimer that we don’t let the television babysit our kid, but we’re also not anti-television. Nine times out of ten, we’re watching TV in the form of a great movie.

Since we don’t have cable, and Netflix cartoons aren’t fun for the entire family, we usually turn to Disney movies. Thankfully the movies of today are witty enough for parents, because I feel like we watch the same five on repeat until I can recite the entire script.

So here’s a list of my 4-year-old’s seven favorite movies that we’ve watched on repeat:

  • #7 – Cars 2 1 of 7

    Obviously, my son loves this one because it's about cars, racing, and is an extension of his favorite. It's much more violent than the original, with real bad guys and guns, so it gets lower viewing opportunities. It still beats out The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast for Harry, though.

  • #6 – The Fox and the Hound 2 of 7

    This used to be higher up on the movie food chain until about a month ago, when Harry realized how freakin' sad this movie is. Somehow he just glossed over how they weren't really friends anymore in the end, Tod didn't live with his human, and "OMG THAT IS WHAT HUNTING DOGS DO?!" I'm not sad that this one is lower in the rotation.

  • #5 – The Lion King 3 of 7

    The music! The animals! The story line! It's all the perfect Disney magic and I'm so glad that a childhood favorite of my own is now his favorite.

  • #4 – Finding Nemo 4 of 7

    I was worried Harry would be afraid thanks to the beginning scene, but nope, he thinks it's awesome. I think he mostly loves the mystery of the sea, the cool animation, and the turtles.

  • #3 – Frozen 5 of 7

    We saw this one in the theater and gosh, I cannot WAIT for it to come out on DVD. Harry constantly asks about the plot ("What happened when her castle turned red, Momma?"), and the soundtrack is a must on all car rides. I'm sure this one will move up at least one slot when it's in our home.

  • #2 – Despicable Me 2 6 of 7

    I think we may have seen the first Despicable Me once, but the second has been watched on repeat since its release to DVD. The minions are back and more hilarious than ever, Lucy is the perfect match for Gru, and watching Gru with Margo's new love interest never ceases to make me grin. This is another one that I never mind watching.

  • #1 – Cars 7 of 7

    And not one single mom of a boy is in shock over this one. Truthfully, I can recite the entire movie, but the ending race is still one of my favorites from any Disney character triumph scene. It's a sweet story with no real "bad guy," just great life lessons about humility, kindness, and hard work.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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