A Magic Brush For Knotty Hair

I first saw the Knot Genie on a flash sale site. It promised to untangle the most unruly hair with ease.

Addie has unruly hair, but I still couldn’t bring myself to buy a funny looking plastic brush that made such big promises.

While in Florida, I found one on clearance for $8.

At first I was worried about it being on clearance, then I figured “What the heck?” if it really is that fantastic I scored myself a deal.

Addie truly does hate having her hair combed and after a week on the beach and in the pool her hair was fried. I dreaded taking a comb to it, I even dreaded taking the much lauded Knot Genie to her hair, on the last day of our trip I busted it out and began brushing.

Here’s the truth on dry, curly, tangled hair…it got the tangles out with a regular amount of tugging, BUT – damage and breakage was lessened GREATLY. I figured before really giving a true review I would try it out on wet hair as well. Tonight after a shower and a very, VERY deep conditioning after such a rough hair week I tried out the Knot Genie again. It worked much better on wet hair and her curls dried into lovely little ringlets.

An even better bonus is that it does a fantastic job on my semi curly/straight/wavy hair. No breakage or pulling. A dramatic improvement from my regular boar hair brush.

The Knot Genie can be purchased online for $19.99 or if you’re lucky found on sale either online or in a boutique. (Is it worth $20? If you have a houseful of girls who hate having their hair combed? Yes. Otherwise it’s debatable. $8? Sure!)

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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